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Standard Work Estimating

Whats New?

How to estimate Standard Cost & Time

What's the standard cost?

How many can we make in a shift?

What if we change the batch size?


Those are the
types of questions

that can be answered using the new

Standard Cost Estimating features within the latest version of the Standard Work template.

Tool Selection Matrix


Gemba time observations

Of course, using engineered standards is a big taboo in the world of lean process improvement,

(which is why it took so long to add this feature)

in the real world, however, there are legitimate reasons to use estimated (rather than observed) times.

See our online training for when (and when not) to use engineered vs. observed time standards.


Import Shared Standards

Once your team has done the hard work of observing and timing hundreds or thousands of Work Elements,

you will want to share those Standard Work Elements between dozens (or hundreds) of documents that you use for estimating time and cost for many different processes.

And how do you keep all those documents updated as new observations and Work Elements are added or change over time?


That's what the new Standard Work Elements template does for you.

Standard Work Elements


If you need to estimate time and cost standards

then you owe it to yourself (and your company) to check out the new systems for Standard Cost Estimating.



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July 2016 issue