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Swim Lane Cross Functional Flowchart Excel template

Swim Lane Cross Functional Flowchart Excel template (with math)

Whats New?

Major Upgrade for the Swim Lane Flowchart

The swim lane cross functional flowchart is perhaps the single most popular tool for process improvement.

Unlike a value stream map... little or no training is required for people to quickly grasp what is being communicated.

Cross Functional Flowchart

Visual Flow

It is the right tool:

  1. to visualize, analyze, and eliminate delays and waste in the flow of a process that crosses functional work teams
  2. to serve as standard work for those types of cross-departmental processes

With Data

The big appeal of the Systems2win Excel flowchart has always been that it provides so much analysis that Visio simply can't do

with formulas for lead time, process time, cycle time, value add time, takt time, pitch, steps, first pass quality yield, capacity, smallest possible staff

Charts and Andons

Your Systems2win template now has new features to make the most important information even more visually obvious.

Lead Time Chart - shows Process Time and Queue Time in a format that instantly makes obvious huge opportunities for improvement of Delivery Time to your Customer

Work Balancing Chart - shows how work is distributed between teams

Pie chart for Activity Ratio or Value % of Time - makes it painfully obvious how much opportunity remains for improvement

Andons - turn bold red when your plans won't meet your projected level of customer demand

Paths and Scenarios

There are now greatly improved features for Paths and Scenarios, to depict multiple conditions on a single flowchart.

What if this was expedited?
What if this was our second offering?
What if customer demand changes?

And more

There is also a new feature to correctly calculate Lead Time and Cycle Time for Dead End processes. Better support for international users. Mistake-proofing and more intuitive ways to hide, add, or move rows or columns. Clearer training.

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August, 2016 issue