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Using Trance for Lean Thinking


How to utilize Trance for Lean Thinking

The ultimate purpose of every lean tool and technique is to stimulate human thinking.


Yes, all of those colorful charts, matrices, and drawings do make your Team Boards visually pleasing...

and all of those andons, kanbans, and visual controls do make your work space vibrant and alive...

but that's not why those tools exist.


Something's stinking
if no one's thinking

Any tool or technique has failed to do its job
if it does not at some point cause someone to pause to think...



and come up with some truly valuable creative ideas for how something might be done better...





Why not think better?

What if there was a teachable, repeatable way
to systematically coach and mentor
your team members to think better?

To clear their mind of distractions,
and focus more clearly?

To ask better questions?


Try it

Dean Ziegler, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, has published a teachable, repeatable way to utilize trance for Hansei Lean Thinking.

Try it.

(yes, it's free)


Learn More

Hansei Trance Training




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July 2017 issue