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An even easier way to Find the Right Tool


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Video: How to Find and Open
your Systems2win Templates


Updated Video

The video for 'How to Find and Open your Systems2win Templates' has been updated to demonstrate the new Tool Selection Matrix.

After using Excel's powerful Filter features to narrow down the list of tools that might be best for what you need to do next...

you can now simply click a link to open your template... right in your Tool Matrix.

Tool Selection Matrix


User-Defined Filters

Shortly after this video was released,
we added yet another powerful new feature...

Your leaders can now optionally add your own user-defined Filters - to organize and find your tools in ways that are especially helpful for your unique industry or organization...

in a way that your user-defined Filters will be automatically found and transferred to your new master template every time that you upgrade.



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New User Training

New User Training

Whenever you need to train a new team member how to use those features that are common to most of your 150+ Systems2win templates...

Each user has 2 choices:

1) Self-paced learning exercises

2) Attend a free live webinar


Join a Free Webinar

New User Training


Free Live Instructor Led Class
for (licensed) new users

This Wed,September 13, 9am Central Time

and Wed, October 18, 9am Central Time

In depth training, and hands-on learning exercises for (licensed) new users


All times are Central Time from Nashville Tennessee, (which is the same as Chicago)

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