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All 150+ Tools
for Continuous Process Improvement

Lean Standard Work to Analyze, Improve, & Standardize

Swim Lane Functional Flowchart (with math), Yamazumi Operator Work Load Balancing, Visual Work Instructions, Standard Work Analysis, Standard Work Combination Sheet, Standard Cost Analysis, SMED Quick Changeover Setup Reduction, Process Analysis, Takt Time Calculator, Kanban Calculator, Value Add Analysis, Standard Work Audit, TWI Job Breakdown, Standard Operating Procedure, Machine Balancing, Process Re-engineering Matrix, and templates for Heijunka Load Leveling, and more

Lean Management Tools for Lean Leadership

Leader Standard Work, Cross Training Matrix, Lean Assessment, Team Charter, self-paced Excel training, A3 Problem Solving, Kata Coaching, PDCA Coaching, Kaizen Events, Brainstorming, Project Management, Gantt Chart, Bowling Chart, Team Leadership Tools, Training Session Planning, TWI employee training, Change Management, Tool Selection Matrix, SQDC Team Huddle Boards, Prioritization, Strategic Planning, Decision Making, and more

Value Stream Mapping for Strategic Alignment and Flow

Value Stream Map (easy drawing tool and powerful value stream analysis), Supply Chain Map, Product Family Matrix, Value Stream Design checklists, Value Stream Mapping Event Planning, Value Stream Plan follow-up, Hoshin Planning Policy Deployment, and more

Lean Tools for Process Improvement

5S Assessment, 5S Red Tags, 5S Standards, 5S Preventive Maintenance, Spaghetti Diagram, Flowchart, Block Diagram, Stick Figure Drawing Illustrator, Process Flow Diagram, Time Study, Process Observation, Cycle Time Observation, Muda Waste Observation, and more

DMAIC Tools to Define Measure Analyze Improve and Control

Pareto Chart, Scatter Plot, Histogram, Run Chart, and Trend Charts that can instantly update as data changes (unlike any competitor), Voice of the Customer, Kano Analysis, Critical to Quality, Tree Charts, Check Sheet, Root Cause Analysis, Fishbone Diagram, Cause and Effect Matrix, Control Charts, SIPOC, Measures Selection, Problem Solving Tools, and more

Design For Six Sigma for new and improved offerings

FMEA Failure Mode Effects Analysis, Control Plan, P-Diagram, Function/Requirements Sheet, Interface Matrix, Characteristic Matrix, DVP&R Design Verification Plan & Report, and House of Quality QFD.

Preventive Maintenance to reduce costly downtime

OEE Overall Equipment Effectiveness, and OEE Data Collection sheet, Preventive Maintenance Worksheet, 5S Sustainment.

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