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5S Supply

Supplies, books, consulting, and other resources for 5S, Lean, Kaizen, and more

Archfield Consulting Group, Inc.

State/Country: Florida Phone: 813.657.8518 Contact: Henry N. Huta

Business 901 - for Lean Sales & Marketing

Provide direction in areas such as Lean Marketing, Product Marketing, Product Launches and Re-Launches. As a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and a certified coach of the Duct Tape Marketing Consulting organization, Business901 provides and implements marketing, project and performance planning methodologies in small businesses. The simplicity of a single flexible model will create clarity for your staff and as a result better execution. Goal is to allow you spend your time on the need versus the plan

Duggan & Associates Inc.

Teaching you the lean principles to build Factories for the Future --- Lean Consulting | Lean Manufacturing | Lean Implementation | Lean Education

The Karen Martin Group

Author of several books, and keynote speaker, Karen Martin (and her team) are popular consultants for lean leadership and lean transformation.

Michiana Lean

Michiana Lean

Michiana Lean Team, LLC is an industrial engineering and management consulting firm that provides value-based solutions to its clients by enhancing their business, competitiveness and organizational performance. Our team has over 75 years of combined experience in streamlining and growing Fortune 500 companies in Automotive, Medical Device, Furniture, and Metal Fabrication organizations. Our collaborative approach is designed to empower your team and provide them with the tools they need to succeed. Inquire today about how we can leverage your resources more efficiently, reduce your costs, and increase your margins. Email:

Why Consultoria

Logo - Why Consultoria

Systems2win's most active consulting firm in Brazil and South America...

WHY Consultoria helps to add value in the processes, products and services in a sustainable and long-lived basis by providing a comprehensive range of training, assessment and consulting services to a wide range of clients and markets. We offer expert advice in all areas of Reliability, Lean, 6Sigma, Asset Management, QMS, LinkedIn as well as a full range of statistical analysis services. Our depth of knowledge combined with many years of solid experience means we can deliver the most appropriate solution to your organization.

In a fast-paced and volatile business environment, continuous process improvement is necessary for enterprises striving to achieve and maintain profitability and competitive advantage. While its benefits can be significant, continuous process improvement can also present business leaders with ultimate challenges, such as:

  • Defining and aligning cross-functional responsibilities and roles for the continuous process improvement program.
  • Establishing metrics that accurately measure process performance across time.
  • Devising processes that are routinized and predictable but that also accommodate exception handling.
  • Integrating diverse systems in a way that minimizes duplication and waste.
  • Implement and manage a Robust Reliability Planning aimed on Life Cycle Cost, RAM´s, FMEA, FTA, LDA, RCA, DOE, FRACAS, RCM, DFR, HALT, with additional methods and simulation.

A number of enabling factors can improve an organization's chances of successfully meeting these challenges, including committed executive leadership, a clear and well-publicized business case for continuous process improvement, and regular communication among impacted stakeholders and staff.

Partnering with an experienced consulting team can also help your organization achieve and accelerate its continuous process improvement goals.

If you have or foresee opportunities to improve processes, products, services, reduce waste, business growth, boost your profile or company page, please reach us at Why Consultoria.



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