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8D Report – Corrective Action Plan

Corrective Action Form using 8 disciplines

to systematically focus your team's problem solving skills

8d Problem Solving

Your 8D form (8D.xlsx)
provides a systematic way for a team to resolve an issue that has uncertain root causes

in a way that ensures that root causes have been identified and verified —
and that both interim and permanent corrective actions are validated for effectiveness
and instituted in a way that prevents a similar situation from ever recurring or escaping again.

When is 8D the right problem solving process?

The 8 D methodology is appropriate in situations where the root cause is uncertain.

If concerns center primarily on decision making or problem prevention,

then you are better off using a simple Supplier Corrective Action Request
or other problem-solving techniques

Compare problem solving methods.

Your 8D Problem Solving Template

Worksheet 1) the 8D form

8D Report

The primary Corrective Action Plan template
serves as a summary for:

  • Header information
  • Release and approval status
  • Each of the 8 steps

8 disciplines
of problem solving

  1. Establish the team
  2. Define the problem
  3. Implement & verify Interim Containment Action(s)
  4. Determine root cause(s)
  5. Identify & verify proposed
    Permanent Corrective Action(s)
  6. Implement & validate
    Permanent Corrective Action(s)
  7. Prevent recurrence
  8. Congratulate the team
8D Problem Solving Worksheet

Worksheet 2)
Problem Analysis

All problem solving strategies are useless if the presenting problem is not clearly defined, and the ultimate root causes are not systematically revealed.

Those are the purposes of the second worksheet —
to apply very thorough and systematic problem solving methods — without cluttering up the the clean looking primary 8d report.

What, where, when, and how big IS the problem?
And (equally importantly) IS NOT the problem?

What's different? What might be causes of those differences? What might be the root causes? How can those theories be verified — to ensure that these truly are the root causes?

Your 8d template also provides easy ways to Insert Sheet or Link to related documents — like approval form, root cause analysis, brainstorming template, Is Is Not Analysis, Pareto chart, or standard work.

8d form - action

Worksheet 3) Action List

Problem solving techniques often restrict the user to one fixed approach for every situation — forcing the user to fill in fields that may not make sense for the current type of creative problem solving situation.

While some of this is unavoidable, the Systems2win 8d report is intentionally designed to provide more flexibility than any problem solving system you have probably seen.

One key to this flexibility is the separation of the summary 8d form from the Action List — avoiding the common mistake of commingling the 2 concepts in insipid ways that seem to make sense at first, and then tangle the user's thoughts when approaching a different type of problem — for example, trying to resolve an internal corrective action while using a form designed for supplier corrective action.

Like every Systems2win template — you can use everything you already know about Excel to personalize your template to be exactly the way YOU need it for THIS problem.


The 8D Process

How to use your 8D Report template

Find and open your template

Excel Ribbon bar > Systems2win menu

Find and open your
8D Problem Solving template


in the same way that you find and open
your other 150+ Systems2win templates.

Save your working document

following the usual document storage and naming conventions established by your leaders

Open a Blank Sheet

Systems2win menu > Open a Blank Sheet

When you're ready to start doing your own real work...

click the button to 'Open a Blank Sheet'

Excel Ribbon bar > Systems2win tab > Open a Blank Sheet

This blank sheet is where you will do your real work

(not on the Sample sheet)

Rename your new sheet.

If English is not your preferred language

Switch to your language, just like every Systems2win Excel template.

Now your team is ready to start using your

8D template for problem solving

Follow the Steps on the Action Sheet

Time to reflect

Follow the steps on the Action sheet.

Allow time to think

The most important step in any Problem Solving Method
is to stimulate human thinking.

Allow people time to think,

and perhaps encourage them to (again and again)
return to the Hansei questions to stimulate Lean Thinking.

Distribute to unlimited users

Using the button to ‘Generate a Working Document'

Generate a Working Document

In February 2014, we released the new version of the 8D template
that has a special button called Generate a Working Document.

Click that button to generate a fully functional working document
that can be used in ANY version of Excel

including Macintosh, tablets, etc

even by users that do not own a license for Systems2win
(perhaps your suppliers)

See full details of License Agreement

Using PDF

Another way to publish ANY of your 150+ Systems2win templates
to make available to unlimited users that don't own Systems2win
is to follow our online training for how to use free PDF writing software.


Most of our customers find it best to 'Generate a Working Document' (in Excel format).


Team Roles for creative problem solving

When you make your list of team members on the 8D worksheet,
those names automatically appear in the dropdown lists in the Action worksheet.

The 2 roles that are common to every team are:

  1. Team Leader — Responsible for leading the team (and usually authoring the 8d report)
  2. Champion — Manager or Executive that has ultimate responsibility for resolving this issue

The Relationship between 8D and FMEA





Learn more
about FMEA


Suggested Reading and Resources for

8D Problem Solving

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