Lean Tools for process improvement


Lean Manufacturing Tools

to apply lean manufacturing principles for lean production

What is Lean Manufacturing?


Your lean objective
is throughput, not output

(Inventory that is sold,
not just produced)

Lean Production focuses on using Lean Manufacturing Principles
to reduce or eliminate the 7 Types of Waste
to create more value with less work.

The roots of the lean manufacturing system
come from the Toyota Production System, where wastes are eliminated by systematic application of the Lean Principles.

Lean Manufacturing differs from Lean Office
in that a physical tangible product is being produced.

While it is not true that every organization in the world can benefit from lean manufacturing implementation, it is true that every organization in the world (including manufacturers) can benefit from lean office implementation, and most of the shared concepts come directly from lean manufacturing training.

Another term for 'everything lean' is Operational Excellence.

Popular Lean Manufacturing Tools

Standard Work Combination Sheet

Many tools in 1:
  1) Standard Work Instructions
  2) Value Add analysis pie chart
  3) Work Load Balancing bar chart
  4) Changeover setup reduction
  5) Layout Diagram
  6) Standard work table & chart
  7) Process Observation Time Study

Your Standard Work template is often considered
the most important of all Lean tools because

if the people doing the work aren't doing it the way that your team envisioned — then your entire lean manufacturing effort was wasted.

Standard Work template

Standard Work Sheet
Standard Work

Lean Six Sigma tools

Once you start applying lean methods,

it usually isn't long before quality problems surface
that used to be buried beneath piles of inventory.

Pareto Chart
Six Sigma tools

Kaizen Event Planning

The most time-effective ways to organize your continuous improvement efforts
have proven to be:

1) A3 Problem Solving
2) Kaizen Events
3) PDCA Kata Coaching

and your Sytems2win tools include tools and training for these,
and more Lean Management Systems and Problem Solving Tools.

Kaizen Event Planning Checklist
Event Checklist

Lean Manufacturing Principles

What's the difference between Lean Principles and Lean Manufacturing Principles?


It doesn't matter whether the process that you are improving
is for lean healthcare, or lean office, or lean service, or lean government...

Lean principles, objectives, and ideals remain the same.

See training for Lean Principles, Objectives, and Ideals

Lean Manufacturing Tools

The process improvement tools
used to accomplish those objectives, however, can vary dramatically

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