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Preventive Maintenance Checklist

aka Preventative Maintenance Checklist, Preventive Maintenance Schedule template, form, or plan

You will use Two Types of

Maintenance Schedule template

  1. Use the Preventative Maintenance Checklist (TPMChecklist.xlsx)

    for tasks that have a maintenance cycle of a month or more

    which are often performed by a central Maintenance Department

  2. Use the 5S Sustainment Checklist (5SSustain.xlsx)

    for tasks that are done daily or weekly

    and are often performed by the process operator

TPM Preventive Checklist template 5S Sustainment Maintenance Schedule template


How to use your

Preventive Maintenance template

Find and open your template

Find and open your TPM Preventive Maintenance template


or 5S Sustainment Checklist template


in the same way that you find and open your other 150+ Systems2win templates.

Excel Ribbon bar > Systems2win menu

Save your working document

following the usual document storage and naming conventions established by your leaders

Open a Blank Sheet

When you're ready to start doing your own real work...

click the button to 'Open a Blank Sheet'

Excel Ribbon > Systems2win tab > Open a Blank Sheet

This blank sheet is where you will do your real work

(not on the Sample sheet — which gives you sample data that is extremely helpful for learning how to use your new tool, but is the wrong place to do your real work)

Systems2win menu > Open a BlankSheet

Rename your new sheet.

If English is not your preferred language

Switch to your language, just like every Systems2win Excel template.

Now your team is ready to start using your

Maintenance Schedule template

Create a separate workbook or worksheet for each Work Area

Systems2win menu > Open a Blank Sheet

Either create a separate workbook for each Work Area

(by using your master template to create multiple workbooks)

or (within a single workbook), create a separate worksheet for each Work Area.

In the Excel ribbon bar, select Systems2win menu > Open a Blank Sheet

Personalize for tasks unique to that Work Area

It's Excel. Use everything you know about familiar Microsoft Excel.

If you get stuck with anything...

remember that on the Help sheet for every Systems2win template, there is a section for 'Excel Tips for THIS Template', where you can follow links to learn how to use Excel.

Unprotect the sheet. (There is no password)

Hide unused rows and columns.

Perhaps make some cells grey

Use the dropdown list to choose the period (.)
which will cause the cell to become gray.

Personal art

using familiar
Microsoft Excel

If using an older version, you might need to use Styles to change cells between grey and clear:

Grey = 2winBackPattern
Clear = 2winBackClear

Perhaps personalize your drop down lists on the DV sheet.

Optionally edit the text boxes below the Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Tasks row on the 5S Sustainment Checklist to provide additional clarification — and/or to divide Tasks into sub-categories.

Snap to grid

You can optionally hide the entire row containing the text boxes (rather than deleting them)

If you want word wrap within a text box, you can increase row height

Learn more about how to personalize any Systems2win template.

Optionally save personalized templates for each Work Area

If you find yourself re-creating the same changes each month (or year)...

then you might (optionally) save personalized templates for each Work Area.

Do not overwrite the master template

because you (and others) need to keep a clean starting point for creating new templates for new Work Areas.

Instead, save your Work Area template somewhere else

Perhaps on your team's shared server folder.

Perhaps use your S2winSync folder

(that allows you to easily distribute your own personalized templates to widespread team members)

Each month, use your Preventive Maintenance Checklist for each Work Area

There are 2 optional ways to use your Preventative Maintenance Checklist:

  1. In handwriting on printed paper, (initialing each task as completed)
  2. On computer, (choosing from drop down list for each completed task)

Additional instructions for the 5S Sustainment Checklist

Enter 'Start Date'

Start Date = the MONDAY that starts this work period,

or the MONDAY before the start of this work period.

Dates and Days in the main section will then update automatically.

5S Sustain Start Date

As you prepare a new 5S Sustainment Checklist for each Work Area each month,

you might choose to transcribe some tasks from the (long-term) TPM checklist to the (short-term) 5S Sustainment Checklist for that month.

Print your Preventive Maintenance form

In the Systems2win menu in the Excel Ribbon bar, select…

Print Audit Checklist

Post your printed checklist

on a wall or fixture where it is obvious and visible in the Work Area.

As each task is completed

Initial the tasks on your printed maintenance schedule template.

If entering your data directly into your computer, (or transcribing your data later),

then you have the option of using the drop down list to select symbols for different levels of Task completion.

Print Audit Checklist

Review as part of Leader Standard Work

Archive the handwritten checklists in a 3-ring binder, where they are reviewed by multiple layers of management as part of Leader Standard Work.

Optionally transcribe your handwritten Comments to the Comments section to maintain a historical log of past comments to look for trends and patterns.

Other users will prefer to simply refer to their three-ring binder of hand-written checklists to serve as an (easier to maintain) historical record of past comments.


Is it your job to put out fires?
or to prevent them?


Two Types of

Preventive Maintenance Checklist

1) Preventive Maintenance Schedule template

Preventive Maintenance Checklist Excel template for TPM

Preventive Maintenance program template - TPM software for tasks with monthly, quarterly, or yearly cycle


2) Preventive Maintenance form for 5S

One popular use of a maintenance checklist is to have the workers use it to maintain their own workspace on a routine schedule

as part of a 5S program (that is a cornerstone of any initiative for lean process improvement).

Preventive Maintenance template

Sample Preventive Maintenance Checklist example - for tasks to be performed THIS month

Preventative Maintenance template

5S Sustainment Checklist Excel template

Tip: If you want only 1 week per sheet (rather than a month per sheet),
then simply hide the rows you don't need, and perhaps change Print Settings to Landscape (instead of Portrait).


TPM Checklist Approvals

Notice the section for Leader Reviews on both the Preventive Maintenance Checklist template and the 5S Sustainment Checklist template.

That is where your leaders periodically sign their initials on the printed form that is posted near the workspace — as a form of Visual Management — to let everyone know publicly that this is important, and that leaders really are keeping a close eye to make sure that it gets done, and done right.

Like every Systems2win template, you can easily personalize the form for your own leadership tiers and titles;

but notice that even the senior level VP or Director will occasionally put his or her initials on the form — whenever he or she happens to be passing through the area.


Preventive Maintenance Schedule Template

Features and benefits

of the Systems2win Excel templates for Continuous Process Improvement

All the familiarity of Microsoft Excel

for fast learning, and widespread use of your preventative maintenance template

Helpful online training

on the 'Help' and 'Sample' worksheets, for fast learning, and full utilization of your preventive maintenance software

Multiple print areas

Click one button to print the Audit sheet, and another for Comments History

Standard features common to every Systems2win template

for fast learning and full utilization of your preventive maintenance schedule

Drop down lists

for easier data entry, fewer errors, and better use of Excel's Filter and Pivot Table features for your preventive maintenance plan for TPM maintenance

Extremely easy to personalize

using everything you know about familiar Microsoft Excel

and Systems2win's powerful features to personalize your templates


Preventative Maintenance Checklist

Importance for Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)

The two cornerstones

of a typical Preventative Maintenance program

will usually consist of:

  1. A Preventive Maintenance schedule checklist

    for each work area

  2. A system for measuring OEE Overall Equipment Effectiveness

OEE to improve Availability, Performance, and Quality generated from each piece or cluster of equipment

Either of these two popular TPM tools

are used more than all of the other less popular TPM tools put together.

Own yours now

and start maintaining your own equipment better — now

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