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SIPOC Template

SIPOC Diagram template using familiar Microsoft Excel

What is a SIPOC Diagram?

SIPOC is an acronym


Suppliers, Inputs, Process flow, Outputs, and Customers

(the column headers)

Purposes of a SIPOC template

  1. At-a-glance overview of a process
  2. Define the start and stop boundaries of a process (and project scope)
  3. Clarify relationships of the suppliers of inputs to the process
  4. Identify process customers (internal and external), and the process outputs that they seek
  5. Identify unintended wastes output by the process

Creative uses

This versatile Lean Six Sigma tool can be creatively used to identify and eliminate wastes of any kind: hazardous wastes and emissions, scrap, energy, packaging...

The SIPOC template is also sometimes used as a Team Charter for a value stream mapping team because it clearly defines the boundaries of the value stream segment being mapped

SIPOC template - SIPOC Diagram

Sample SIPOC template. SIPOC Diagram example. Download SIPOC template

How to use your SIPOC template

Find and open your template

Find and open your SIPOC template


in the same way that you find and open your other 150+ Systems2win templates.

Excel Ribbon bar > Systems2win menu

If you don't yet own a license,
you can download your free trial now.

Save your working document

following the usual document storage and naming conventions established by your leaders

Open a Blank Sheet

When you're ready to start doing your own real work...

click the button to 'Open a Blank Sheet'

Excel Ribbon > Systems2win tab > Open a Blank Sheet

This blank sheet is where you will do your real work

(not on the Sample sheet — which gives you sample data that is extremely helpful for learning how to use your new tool, but is the wrong place to do your real work)

Systems2win menu > Open a BlankSheet

Rename your new sheet.

Or... Insert Sheet

As an alternative to opening a stand-alone document (as instructed above), you also have the option to Insert Sheet into any other Excel workbook.

If English is not your preferred language

Switch to your language, just like every Systems2win Excel template.

Now your team is ready to start using your

SIPOC Diagram template

Name the process

Succinctly describe the process in the title.

Define the scope of the process

Define the beginning and end

to keep your team focused on the process suspected of being the cause of the problem, without going too far upstream or downstream.

List the process Outputs and their Customers

Optional: List requirements for Outputs

Optional: Rather than just identifying inputs and outputs — measure them.

List Suppliers and the Inputs they provide

In addition to materials, list process Enablers

Anything that is not consumed or transformed by the process, but is needed for the process to work. Examples: equipment, facilities, tools, dies, molds…

Optional: List requirements for Inputs

Draw high-level flow chart of the process

Major steps only.

If you have more than 7 blocks — you are too detailed.

You can add details to the full flowchart that you create later.

Use simple verb-noun descriptions.


with others who know the process well

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SIPOC Diagram template

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