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Lean Assessment

Easily audit the progress of YOUR lean journey

Lean Assessment template

The Lean Assessment template has dozens of insightful questions to guide and measure progress toward lean operational excellence.

What is every person and every team supposed to be doing to pull together to reach your lean objectives?

And how are they coming with their progress?

Lean Assessment template

Lean assessment template

Sample Lean Assessment example

If your ogranization has not yet provided a license, download your free trial now

Lean Implementation Assessment template

The starting point for your lean transformation

Performing a 'gap analysis' is usually one of the very first steps in a Typical Lean Journey.

Completed by all levels of leadership on a periodic basis

A 5-minute review of your Lean Assessment template serves as mental preparation for your routine gemba walk

Easily personalized

These days, finding lean assessment audit questions is easy...

(Internet search, consultants, prior jobs...)

But organizing YOUR favorite audit questions...

into a professionally-developed and supported Excel template that has eye-popping features that you couldn't ever possibly hope to recreate from scratch?

yellow brick road

Road map for a typical
Lean Transformation

That's what your Systems2win Assessment template brings to your toolkit.

Download your free trial, and see for yourself.

Multiple sets of audit criteria in one template

Easily personalize your template for multiple sets of YOUR audit criteria

Your lean leaders then simply

click a button

to choose which type of audit they are doing

Systems2win menu > Select Translations

You can even click the same button to switch between language translations

so you have consistent audit standards throughout your global organization

Features that a home-grown template simply won't have

Easy-to-understand-at-a-glance radar chart that automatically scales between 5 and 12 radar branches.

You simply hide unused sections of your audit sheet.

Easy dropdown lists for faster data entry with no typos

All of the lean systems that are common to all Systems2win templates so that you don't have to re-invent


Why not download the free trial Assessment template — and try it yourself?

Request consultation

Once you have completed your Lean Assessment form, then you can email your completed form to Systems2win to get consultation for suggested next steps on your unique lean journey.

Request your consultation


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Assessment Templates





Video: How to use your
5S and Lean
Assessment templates


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How to personalize your

5S or Lean Assessment template

In addition to the standard instructions for how to personalize your Systems2win templates, here are some additional personalization features unique to Assessment templates...

Unprotect the sheet

As delivered from Systems2win, the Template sheet is protected without a password.

When you want to personalize your worksheet, simply unprotect it. And then remember to protect it again when you're done making your personalizations, (to protect your users from "shooting themselves in the foot" when using your template).

Use simple text or User Substitutions

Like every Systems2win template, you can simply overwrite the VLOOKUP formulas with your own personalized text

or it is usually wiser to use the Systems2win User Substitutions feature so that your personalized text will be automatically found and transferred every time that you upgrade your templates.

Learn more about the several ways to personalize text.

Video: How to personalize text

Some text is not translated

To keep language translation costs down, some text is not translated, especially for long assessment rating criteria that most people end up personalizing anyway.

To make upgrades easy, some English—only text is still linked to the Translation Table — to make it easy for you to edit User Substitutions in a way that will be automatically found and transferred each time that you upgrade.

Learn more about the several ways to personalize text.

Hide or Unhide Category Sections

A 'Category Section' starts with the yellow header row, and ends just above the next yellow header row.

Each Assessment template is designed to automatically scale between 5 and 12 Category sections.


All you need to do is unhide any hidden Category Sections

(these rows might be hidden just above the bottom Total)

and then when you click the Choose Source Data button on the Scorecard sheet,the scorecard and radar chart will automatically adjust to the number of yellow category headers that are unhidden on the source worksheet.


If you want your 5S Scorecard to be a 6S Scorecard, then simply unhide the rows for the Safety category.

The next time you click the Choose Source Data button on the Scorecard worksheet...

voila!!! There are now 6 columns in the thermometer chart, and 6 axes on the radar chart.

Additional tips:

  • Do not delete or add Category sections. Hide and unhide only.
  • The first 5 Category sections must remain unhidden. (for any Assessment template, not just 5S)
  • Do not skip a Category. There must not be any hidden Categories between unhidden ones.
  • If you hide a Category section, make sure it doesn't have any History data.
  • If your number of unhidden Categories is different from the default number of unhidden Categories as originally delivered from Systems2win — then use your Customization Log to remind you to make the same changes to your new template each time that you upgrade.

User-defined Category Section headings

When you overwrite the Category Section headings (the yellow cells in the Category column), then all of the other fields on that sheet will automatically change to your user-defined Category headings, and so will the headings on the Scorecard worksheet, after you use the Choose Source Data button.

Tip: Rather than overwriting these Category Section headings with simple text, it is usually wiser to use User Substitutions — so that your changes are automatically found and transferred each time you upgrade.

Learn more about the several ways to personalize text.

Personal art

Your personalizations
get found and transferred
each time you upgrade

User-Defined Rows within each Category Section

Each Category section can have any number of rows of your user-defined Audit Criteria.

Within each Category section, you can hide, unhide, add, delete, or move rows,

remembering to use your Customization Log to remind you to make the same changes to your new template each time that you upgrade.


Do not use Insert > Rows

Instead COPY a similar blank row
thereby copying ALL formats and formulas.

Before copying/adding rows

first make sure that you have unhidden all 10 of the pre-defined rows in each Category section.

Each Category section needs enough content to provide room for the default chart height of 2 inches.

Word wrap can help to increase cell height: (Alt+ENTER)

How to get chart height exactly 2 inches:
Select the chart (using CTRL+click)
Then right-click, Format Object > Size.

Links to related documents

If you add Link Icons to your master template, then use your Customization Log to remind you to make the same changes to your new template each time that you upgrade.

Link to pictures

Suggestion: Use a Link Icon to link to YOUR folder that contains all pictures related to your process.

See example on the Sample sheet of your Lean Assessment template.


If you have multiple versions of the same template, you can optionally enter a subtitle in the space just below the primary title at the top of the sheet.

Example: The subtitles for your 5S templates might be 'Office' and 'Production'.







Lean Assessment Review

Request Lean Assessment Review

Send your completed Lean Assessment form to Systems2win

to get consultation for suggested next steps on your lean journey






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