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Lean Systems

Not just Excel templates

Not just online training

It's also lean systems

that make your Systems2win process improvement templates so useful



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Some Systems that you won't need to re-invent


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Not just templates.
Not just training.

But also systems
for process improvement


Lean systems are the missing link

Lean systems are the missing component in most failed lean initiatives

Lean tools

Tool Selection Matrix

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Use your Tool Selection Matrix

Most organizations get their first exposure to lean
through a single process improvement tool

that they hear about that sounds like it might help solve some pressing problem of the moment.

If the tool (used in isolation) doesn't work as magically as expected, then a year later you might hear them say,

"Oh, yeah, we tried lean, and it didn't work here."

Lean principles

If the tool (used in isolation) works surprisingly well to solve that problem of the moment, then management might be compelled to learn more — and will often get their first exposure to the lean principles that are foundational to all lean tools and methods. Principles like:

Lean systems

Those lean principles all make sense, and sound great, and get everyone fired up, and then... when you get faced with your first real-world fire burning in your real-world workplace,
you freeze like a deer in the headlights, and you ask,

"So what am I supposed to do now?"

That's where a lean system comes in...


Every lean tool needs
a corresponding
Lean Coaching System

A systematic approach for
'what to do when something like this happens'.

The single most important system is always your...

Lean Management System

If you try to use lean tools and methods in isolation —
without a strong Lean Management System
then you might experience a few temporary small wins,
but things will quickly backslide into old habits and patterns,
so (being honest), you might as well not even start.

See our online training for how to get started on your lean journey.

Once you have a strong Lean Management System in place,
then many other lean systems will become very interesting.

More Lean Systems

Not just templates. Not just training. But also systems...

face-in-hands Stress

Why are we trying to
re-invent tools that could be purchased so easily?

Systems for Continuous Improvement

As you navigate the many curves along the long road of your lean journey, you will find yourself frequently facing a long series of challenges
related to "how should we organize our own internal systems?"

The few minutes that you spend learning about the field-proven standardized systems that are consistently found in every one of your Systems2win templates will undoubtedly save you weeks or even months of wasted non-value-add time trying to invent (and then continuously improve) similar systems from scratch.

yellow brick road

Road map for a typical
Lean Transformation

All roads lead to Rome

Back in the days of the Roman empire,
a common saying was "all roads lead to Rome".

Ideally, no matter where you start on your lean journey,
all roads should lead to the lean principles that underlie all lean tools.

Any lean tool could serve as your starting point.
The lean principles are always the destination.
Lean systems are the roads.

Our mission is to help you on your lean journey

Welcome to Systems2win


Standardized systems for help and user training

When you learn how to use one Systems2win template... you know how to use all 150+ templates.

Video: How to Find Help & Training for any Systems2win template

You know how to use the well-organized training web site

You know how to use Google Site Search to find the pages containing what you're looking for, and how to use CTRL+F to find keywords within a page

You know how to use the human readable bookmarks, Tables of Contents,
and other consistent systems to quickly find what you're looking for.

You know how to use the lean training videos in both YouTube and Flash format.

You know that every Help worksheet in every Systems2win Excel template is organized in exactly the same way — so that you know where to find help when you need it.

You know that you can click any row or column header in any Systems2win template to get pop-up help.

You know how to join the free instructor-led training webinars that are held every month.

And you know that if you can't find the help you're looking for, there is always free technical support.

Unlike the wildly differing templates that you might accumulate from random sources,
you know that when you learn one Systems2win template, you've learned them all,
and you have the help you need when you need it.


Systems2win menu

Your Systems2win menu has many features to extend the power of Microsoft Excel

Systems2win menu

The Systems2win menu is always at the top of your screen in Excel,
so (even when working with a non-Systems2win Excel document),
you always have instant access to link icons, custom shapes, and styles
for more consistent and professional deliverables.

Download your free trial
to explore all of the features of the Systems2win menu for yourself.



International versions

If your organization is diverse enough to include people who speak different languages, then you will truly appreciate the ability to click a button to switch between languages.

If your organization is not yet global, isn't it comforting to know that your tools and systems are robust enough to grow with you?

Support for International versions of Excel

Learning Experiment:

Try running that home-grown Excel template
on a computer running the Malaysian version of Office
on the Hungarian version of Windows.

Now try your Systems2win template.


Substitute Phrases

5S Scorecard

Easily personalize your 5S Checklist or Lean Assessment forms
with YOUR own audit criteria

in a way that your substitute phrases are automatically found and transferred
every time you upgrade.

And use the same feature to replace any column or row heading in any template
with a phrase that better fits your unique organization or industry.


Personal art

Your personalizations
get found and transferred
each time you upgrade

Standardized lean systems
for easy personalization

You can use everything you know about familiar Word and Excel —
to make your templates your own.

And every time you upgrade your master templates in the future,
the Personalization Upgrade Utility will automatically find and transfer
YOUR personalizations to your newly upgraded master templates.


tangled octopus and snakes

Our IT Department didn't know
it was possible to have
version control
for Excel templates

Systems2win has systems
for that, too?


Version Control

If you have multiple users perhaps scattered in multiple locations
then how can you keep control of all those scattered Excel templates?

Use the optional sync utility for one simple button click to ensure that every team member is using the latest approved versions of your (personalized) master templates.

And every time that you upgrade, the Personalization Upgrade Utility can automatically find and transfer your personalizations to your new master templates.


Burning the candle

Can't you just create a few tools in your free time?

Professional Programming

Your Systems2win templates are developed by Microsoft MVP professionals
(MVP = Microsoft Most Valuable Partner)

with professional error handling, professional debugging, compatibility with multiple versions of Excel, support for international language versions of Windows and Excel, and protection from dozens of Excel bugs that you will never even know could have been a problem — because Systems2win 'just handled it' so your programmers don't have to.


Copy Sheet Utility

One example of professional programming is worthy of its own attention as a unique system.

Copy Sheet Utility

Let's say you want to copy your "As Is" flowchart worksheet
to serve as the starting point for your "To Be" flow chart worksheet.

The standard way that Excel copies worksheets is so full of bugs
that we needed to replace it with a special Copy Sheet Utility
that has over 100 hours of programming for just that one capability.

Are you really going to pay your in-house programmers
to re-invent something similar?

Or are you going to try to teach your people
to just live with Excel's copy sheet bugs?


Dropdown Lists

Choosing an item from a dropdown list makes data entry faster AND avoids typos

Dropdown lists

which is especially important when using Excel's Filter and PivotTable features in list-intensive tools like your FMEA, OEE, Gantt Chart, or Event Checklist.

Your Systems2win templates already come with
the most popular dropdown lists you're likely to need,

and provide a lean system to add your own custom dropdown lists
with just one easy copy-and-paste.

Systems for continuous improvement

It's not just tools. It's not just training. It's also systems.

Systems for standardization. Systems for consistency, familiarity, fast learning.

Systems for version control. Systems to overcome Microsoft bugs.

Systems to help your users squeeze more juice from your precious payroll dollars.


Continuous improvement tools that were good enough yesterday won't be good enough tomorrow.


It's in our tag line. It's in our culture. It's in our systems.

Our mission is...
to help you continuously improve your tools for continuous improvement.


Why not open a conversation to learn more?


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The others are a really nice
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"A bad system beats a good person every time."

~ W. Edwards Deming






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