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Lean Portal

 user interface for Systems2win Excel templates for continuous process improvement

What is the Systems2win Portal?

1) a search-friendly user interface

One of the ways to find and open your Systems2win templates.

2) version control

If you have more than 1 user, your Systems2win Portal provides an excellent system for version control — so that every one of your team members are using the (same) latest version of your master templates.


If you have more than 1 user, your central master portal is located on a server within your company, providing one central place
for your shared master templates.

If and when a master template is personalized, your leader will overwrite that master template in your central master portal and then your leader will send an email to all of your users instructing to select Systems2win menu > Setup > Sync Now to sync your personalized master templates from your central portal to each person's local computer.

"A bad system will beat a good person every time."

~ W. Edwards Deming



How to open
your Systems2win Portal

Excel Ribbon bar > Syistems2win menu > More > Systems2win Portal

Excel Ribbon > Systems2win tab > More > Systems2win Portal

The portal home page will open in your web browser.

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Portal corner

How to know if you're in your portal
or the Systems2win web site...

The image in the upper right corner
will say "Portal" or "Trial Portal"

Portal language translation


Portal Setup and Repair

Initial setup

Your local portal gets installed as part of user installation.

Your IT Department installs your (optional) central master portal following the instructions for portal setup.

Where to find your portal

On your local computer

Version 14 and higher:


Version 13 and lower:


Master portal on your server

Wherever your IT Department decided to put it on your own company server

(using the portal setup decision form)

To learn the location of the Central Master Portal from which your local computer receives synced templates,

see Systems2win menu > Setup > About Systems2win Templates > Central Master Portal (sync from)

How might my local portal get deleted or damaged?

The Systems2win Portal on your local computer is nothing more than a folder full of sub folders and files.

You should never manually edit anything in that entire folder.

Exception: If you do not have a central master portal, (because you only own 1 seat)
then you might purposefully overwrite a master template with your personalized master template

Master templates only.
Working documents, (copies of a master template that contain situation-specific data) should be stored anywhere but in your Systems2win Portal.
Do not accidentally overwrite your master template with a working document!

If you accidentally delete or damage anything in your S2winPortal folder, then it needs to be repaired.

How do I fix my local portal if it gets deleted or damaged?

If you accidentally edited any document in the tTemplates folder or S2winSync folder,

then simply select Systems2win menu > Setup > Sync Now

which will delete all files in those 2 local folders before copying your master templates from your central portal

If you edited or deleted anything else in the S2winPortal folder on your local computer, then you need to replace that entire folder, using one of the following ways:

A) Copy from an identical undamaged folder

  1. Find an undamaged S2winPortal folder to copy from

    Perhaps your central master portal on your server, or an identical folder on another (undamaged) user's c: drive or a backup of your own S2winPortal folder before it got damaged...

  2. Delete your damaged S2winPortal folder (and all contents within it)
  3. Copy the entire (undamaged) S2winPortal folder to the correct place on your c: drive or B) If you can't find an undamaged S2winPortal folder to copy...

You can re-install — following the usual installation instructions


Portal Personalization

It is almost never a good idea to personalize your Systems2win portal.

Link to your Systems2win templates from Alternate User Interfaces

There are several optional ways to link to your Systems2win templates from Alternate User Interfaces, so that the Systems2win portal is only one of perhaps several different ways that your users can access their templates.




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