Training & Support for your Systems2win templates


Personalized Training & Tutoring

In addition to the many free training videos, free instructor-led live web trainings, and free support...

you also have the option to get private training or tutoring

to be successful using your new Systems2win templates

Web Conference One-on-One Tutoring

Private training

One-on-one mentoring for you (and perhaps a colleague)


Minimum 1 hour

Web Conference Group Training

Up to 20 seats per session —
and each 'session seat' can have unlimited participants sharing a speaker phone and projector
to see the instructor, while doing hands-on learning on their own computer.

2 hours – $1200
3.5 hour 'Half Day' – $2000

Monthly Retainer

Pay a (budget friendly) monthly amount for a number of hours


You might commit to 24 hours within the next year,
(which is the minimum to get the discounted retainer rate)

which is only $500 per month.

Contact us to come up with a training plan to ensure the success of YOUR team

Popular Training Topics

* New User Training

is also available as a free group webinar and pre-recorded

but some teams will benefit from private New User Training for just your team

Terms of Training and Tutoring

Paid Training or Tutoring

For training or tutoring that is purchased separately,

there is no expiration date for when you must complete the training, but there are no refunds.

Training packaged with the purchase of templates

Systems2win sometimes offers training or tutoring packaged with the purchase of templates

See the order form

For training or tutoring that is packaged with templates, or given as a free bonus special offer,

that training must be completed within 8 months of the related purchase.

And Systems2win reserves the right to possibly publish recorded segments of 'free' group training sessions

(taking care to avoid disclosing anything that might be confidential or proprietary,
in the event that any of your own documents are studied, rather than the usual sample data)

Terms of Affiliate Training and Consulting

Training and consulting offered by each Systems2win Affiliate

is subject to the terms and conditions of each Affiliate.

Dean Ziegler

Hermit Dean

On-Site Training and Consulting

Some consultants that are a member of the Systems2win Affiliate Program

offer on-site training and consulting.

Contact us to learn more


FAQ: Is Dean available for on-site training or consulting?

The voice that you hear on most of the training videos is Dean Ziegler, the owner of Systems2win.

He enjoys developing and supporting the templates and online training,
and really doesn't like to travel...

so it would take a very large daily billing rate
to entice him to leave his horse ranch in Tennessee.

You're going to get a lot more time, attention, and return on investment

from your chosen Systems2win Affiliate.

Contact us to find yours now.
















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