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Excel Templates, Training, and Systems

Training and Coaching

In addition to the many free training videos, free live web training, and free support...

you also have the option to get training and coaching services

to get the most value from your Systems2win templates

Web Conference One-on-One Sessions

Private training

One-on-one mentoring for you (and perhaps a colleague)

Can be used for training, mentoring, consulting, template personalization, or any other helpful assistance

$200 per hour

Minimum 1 hour

Web Conference Group Training

Up to 20 seats per session and each 'session seat' can have unlimited participants sharing a speaker phone and projector to see the instructor, while doing hands-on learning on their own computer.

2 hours – $1200
3.5 hour 'Half Day' – $2000

Popular Training Topics

* New User Training

is available as a free group webinar and pre-recorded but some teams will benefit from private New User Training for just your team

Services Annual Retainer

Get a 25% discount

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Event Coaching

Time and cost-effective coaching under the supervision of an experienced ex-Toyota consultant to lead your on-site value stream mapping event, kaizen event, 5S, standard work, FMEA, quality improvement, A3 problem solving, leadership team start-up, or any other type of CI event

Phase 1) Event Preparation

Coaching for team leaders to prepare the charter, form the team, and prepare prepare training materials, and prepare for the event.

Phase 2) Event Coaching

On-site coaching for team leaders and senior managers to successfully lead this event, and be prepared and confident to lead future events on your own.

Phase 3) Event Follow-up

Coaching for senior management follow-up to ensure that post-event assignments get completed, results are measured and socialized, learning lessons are assimilated, successes are standardized and perhaps expanded to similar processes, and appropriate follow-up actions and adjustments are planned based on PDCA results.

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Terms of Training and Coaching

Paid Training or Tutoring

For training or coaching that is purchased separately, there is no expiration date for when you must complete the training, but there are no refunds.

Discounted Annual Retainer services must be used within the year.

Training packaged with the purchase of templates

Systems2win sometimes offers services packaged with the purchase of templates or upgrades, or sometimes gives services as a free bonus special offer.

Those services must be completed within 8 months of the related purchase.

And Systems2win reserves the right to possibly publish recorded segments of those group training sessions

(taking care to avoid disclosing anything that might be confidential or proprietary, in the event that any of your own documents are studied, rather than the usual sample data)








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