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Lean Tools, Training, and Systems

Training and Coaching

In addition to free New User Training, free training & videos, and free support...

you also have options for live training

to get the most value from your Systems2win templates

as well as leadership coaching

to get the most value from your leaders

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Schedule a Conference

Schedule a conference to discuss your continuous improvement challenges

and how Systems2win training and coaching
might empower your people to get more value from your tools,
and more leadership from your leaders

Live Training

to help you and your teams get the most value from your Systems2win templates.

Live training is available on-site at your location, or (more commonly)...

live training is cost-effectively delivered by web conference —

with the added bonus that you receive an MP4 video recording of your training session, which can then be published on your intranet, so that your training is available to new hires in the future.

Team Training

Led by a live instructor, each learner does hands-on learning exercises on their own computer.

For what?
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Popular Training Topics

* New User Intro Training is available free. It can also be scheduled as a private class for just your team.

One-on-One Sessions

One-on-one mentoring for you (and perhaps a colleague)

For what?
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Training — for any of the topics above — but at a lower price for a one-on-one session, rather than training an entire group.

One-on-one sessions can also be for mentoring, coaching, consulting, template personalization, or any other assistance to help your leaders quickly and measurably succeed.


Request Live Training

Request Live Training to discuss your System2win and Lean Training requirements

It's the perfect way to give your team the insights they need
to get a better handle on the templates they use regularly,
to implement improvements more effectively and to maximize return on investment.


Event leadership

Leadership Coaching

Helpful coaching for your senior, mid-level, and/or team leaders

to overcome any obstacles that have gotten your teams stuck in the past,

or might be daunting in the future, as you encounter new terrain on your lean journey.

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Through the global consulting network of Systems2win Affiliates.

Regularly-scheduled Coaching Sessions

On a regular schedule, (usually biweekly), tap the wisdom of your experienced lean advisor

to empower Leaders to teach a set of skills and mind-set that will empower other leaders to subconsciously look for creative ways to improve their processes.

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This is done by first identifying the leader's current state of thinking,

then introducing and practising a set of patterns, and giving corrective feedback until the 'lean thinking patterns' become routine.

Coaching might be with multiple layers of managers (such as team, group, mid...), or might be with only top-level senior executives or directors.

Coaching sessions usually leverage (cost-saving) web conference technology, perhaps supplemented with on-site visits as needed.

Your coach might prescribe any combination of...

PDCA coaching, A3 problem solving, kata coaching, periodic reviews of leader standard work, stand up meetings, gemba walking, 5S, and/or lean assessment audits, and ad hoc coaching for any events or on-going programs for continuous process improvement.

Event Coaching

To facilitate your on-site value stream mapping event, kaizen event, quality improvement, standard work, 5S, FMEA, A3 problem solving, leadership team start-up, or any other type of on-site event for continuous process improvement.

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Phase 1) Event Preparation

Coaching for team leaders to prepare the charter, form the team, and prepare prepare training materials, and prepare for the event.

Phase 2) Event Coaching

On-site coaching for team leaders and senior managers to successfully lead this event, and be prepared and confident to lead future events on your own.

Phase 3) Event Follow-up

Coaching for senior management follow-up to ensure that post-event assignments get completed, results are measured and socialized, learning lessons are assimilated, successes are standardized and perhaps expanded to similar processes, and appropriate follow-up actions and adjustments are planned based on PDCA results.


Request Coaching

Request Coaching to discuss your Leadership Coaching requirements

with a Systems2win Lean Specialist