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Step 1) Determine how long it has been since your last purchase or upgrade,

and how many users are licensed. (How?)

Step 2) Add to cart — by clicking the appropriate link

Step 3) Add any desired options — such as language translations or private training

Or just contact us to go over your upgrade options

Annual Maintenance & Upgrade Pricing

Annual Maintenance

Discounted price
for customers that renew Annual Maintenance each year

Choose this option if
10-13 months since
last purchase or upgrade

Price per seat Site License   for an enterprise, site,
or other Licensed Group with annual revenues...
<US$100 million >US$100 million

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Annual Maintenance $150/seat


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Small Site License - $1200

sku UPU100M

Larger organizations —

Send us your PO
for the amount specified in the email that you received

When you renew your license for unlimited users, you get either:

1) free Personalization Upgrade Transfer, (see below), or
2) a free private training and mentoring session
     for 'How to Personalize Your Templates'

Early or Late Upgrade

Most customers renew Annual Maintenance annually.
You can also contact us to upgrade early or late.


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$249 per seat

Use this UPGRADE sku if:

  1. It has been more than 14 months
    since your last purchase or upgrade


  2. If you do not yet own all 150+ templates,
    (you will own them all when you use sku UPGRADE)


to consider when you upgrade

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sku 2PLUS

Get a free upgrade for what you already own

when you purchase additional seats
for an amount greater than or equal to
the upgrade price for what you already own

Language Translations
Switch languages

Easily switch between


Now (when you upgrade)
is the time to add language translations

Languages available for immediate delivery are:

Spanish,Portuguese, French, German, and Chinese

Updates for languages that you already own
are free each time that you upgrade.

Upgrade Transfer
to automatically
find and transfer
YOUR personalizations

Learn more

Personalization Upgrade Transfer

When you own the (optional) feature for Personalization Upgrade Transfer,

(which is a one-time life-time purchase)

then every time that you upgrade, it is a free service
to automatically find and transfer YOUR personalizations.

If you don't yet own it, you can contact us to add it now.

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Upgrade — Frequently Asked Questions

What's new?

What's New?

Do we get free updates throughout the year?

Excel Add-in — yes. You can update your Add-in for free at any time.

The Systems2win Excel Add-in contains most of the Visual Basic code
that performs calculations and button actions.

Templates — mostly yes.

Any time in the first 10 months of your Annual Maintenance cycle, you can request us to send you those templates that have been recently released or improved.

(When you're within 2 months of your Annual Maintenance renewal date, you should just renew.)

There might be a few features in a few of those templates that might require some users to install the free update.
And some features/templates might only be available when you renew Annual Maintenance.

Can we put this on a purchase order?

Yes. As an existing customer, your credit is already pre-approved for purchases over $500.
(Unless you have been specifically notified otherwise, due to prior late payment.)

For smaller purchases, it's usually easiest to just use a credit card.

What is the Personalization Upgrade Transfer utility — and how does it work?

If you own the (optional) feature for Personalization Synchronization,

then when you upgrade your templates — the Systems2win Personalization Upgrade Utility searches your legacy templates to find the most common personalizations, and automatically transfers them to your new updated templates.

After you place your upgrade order, you will receive an email that you can forward to your IT Department — containing very simple instructions for how to send us your legacy portal.

If you haven't made many changes to your templates, simply reply to the email saying "not needed".

How can we get a free or discounted upgrade?

Option 1) Get a free upgrade for what you already own when you purchase more seats for an amount greater than what your upgrade price would have been.

Option 2) Refer a new customer, and get a discount coupon to apply to the upgrade of your own templates.

Option 3) Refer a client (assuming you are a consulting firm that owns your own Systems2win templates),
and get a free upgrade for your own templates — as part of our Affiliate Program.

How can we add more seats?

It's easiest to just contact us.

Can different users own different product configurations?

(for example: one group of users has a language translation and another group doesn't)

If you own the optional sync capability,
then all users within your Licensee group must own the same bundles of templates.

You can, however, choose to license smaller Licensee groups —
each with their own Licensee name, and (optionally) their own portal of shared master templates.

Can we upgrade just a few of the seats that we own?

If your own the sync capability, then once one seat is upgraded, all of the other licensees get synced with the same upgraded templates. So every user in a Licensee group must always own the same product as every other licensed user in that group.

If you choose to forfeit some of the seats that you originally purchased, then upon proof of uninstall, you can do a one-time downgrade to a smaller number of seats. But choose your desired number of seats wisely, because if you ever want to add more seats, you will need to purchase them at the full retail price — rather than the discounted upgrade price.

Can we share documents between users with lower and higher versions?

Higher versions support documents created using lower version templates.
Lower versions are not always able to use higher version documents.

What are the terms of the License Agreement?

License Agreement

How is data migrated from an old working document to a new template?

Data migration

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Can we renew early?


You can contact us to place a special order for the number of months since your last Purchase Date
(and your next Annual Maintenance will be due 1 year from the new Purchase Date)

If we receive your order for discounted Annual Maintenance a month early, then…

a. unless you specifically instruct us otherwise, we will deliver as soon as we receive your order
(and your next Annual Maintenance will be due 1 year from the new Purchase Date)

b. upon your request, we can instead schedule a reminder to deliver on the first of the month
(so that your Annual Maintenance cycle remains in the same month)


I have a question that's not answered here.

Just call or write, and we'll get your question answered for you.

Thank you for choosing Systems2win to continuously improve your tools for continuous improvement


Upgrade policies, pricing, and packaging are subject to change without notice

Your purchase price is usually justified with the 1 or 2 templates that you use most

The others are a really nice
"gift with purchase"

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Need to convince your accountant that it's worth it to empower your leaders with professional tools for Process Improvement?

Download the ROI Calculator to show how these templates quickly pay for themselves


ROI Questions

If you were to pay an intern $100 a month to try to develop, train, and support templates like these...
what do you think you'd get?

How much are you paying your team leaders to try to fix and improve all of those diverse non-standardized "free" templates?

If you were asked to avoid costly quality mistakes while trying to follow instructions in a non-native language, how successful do you think you would be?











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Your Systems2win templates come with free New User Training to quickly learn features that are common to all 150+ templates


Training Matrix

Whenever you hire a new person, be sure to use your Training Matrix template to ensure that every team member gets trained to use those tools that will help most with their job responsibilities