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Value Stream Mapping Software

that you won't outgrow

Value stream mapping tools should be easy enough to quickly learn

and powerful enough to be worth learning.

Why invest the money and time to learn value stream mapping software that looks easy at first...

but then you quickly outgrow
as you and your team start asking better questions?

motorbike VSM-PowerTool Training Wheels - entry level value stream mapping software

Value Stream Mapping Tools

  to empower your teams

to see waste, and make it visible and obvious to everyone and to systematically eliminate waste in ANY process

Value Stream Mapping tools

to Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control your value stream — not just draw it

All of the templates on this page are included in the Lean Toolkit

Value Stream Map template

Easily draw a value stream map in familiar Excel using the value stream mapping symbols known as the 'language of Lean'

And when you're ready to analyze and manage your value stream this is a value stream mapping tool that you won't outgrow

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Supply Chain Value Stream Map

Anyone who has attempted to manage a value stream map beyond their own 4 walls knows that the math and charts are different.

Visio wouldn't know the difference — because the symbols are the same — but the math and charts are very different.

Again... rather than working late to try to program these different formulas and charts yourself... your Systems2win lean value stream templates come with ALL of the tools that you will never outgrow.

Supply Chain value stream mapping

Learn more —
Supply Chain Mapping

2 Learn Value Stream Mapping

Self-paced learning quiz

With one glance — (when they "bring it back green") a supervisor can have confidence that each learner will now be a more valuable team member and the supervisor hasn't spent all day training each learner

Learn Value Stream Mapping

Self-paced learning quiz

Takt Time Calculator

To calculate:

Takt Time Calculator

Learn more about
Takt Time Calculation

Product Family Matrix

aka Product Quantity Product Rounding PQPR Matrix

To identify product families — (products and services sharing similar processes), and Systems2win provides the ideal tool for defining your product families.

You will then create one value stream map per product family, and then (optionally) use the very powerful features of your Systems2win Value Stream Map template to analyze multiple scenarios for different products or offerings within that Product Family — all on one drawing!

Product Family Matrix Excel template

Learn more about the
Product Family Matrix

Value Stream Design Guidelines

Fill-in-the-answer templates to remind your team to ask all of the right questions
every time that your team does another round of value stream analysis

to ensure that your team will Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control
your value stream over time — not just draw it once

Value Stream - Basic Design Guidelines

Questions and online training to design your value stream for stability and flow.

Lean Flow is the primary reason for doing value stream mapping.

Stability is required for flow.

If your goal is anything other than achieving stability and flow, then you should probably use your Tool Selection Matrix to choose some other approach, because you are possibly trying to use value stream mapping to do something it was not intended to do.

Value Stream Mapping Basic Design Guidelines

Value Stream Design - Volume and Mix

Questions and online training to design your value stream to handle variable rates of demand.

All Systems2win guideline questions are equally applicable to production and service value streams.

Value Stream Mapping Volume and Mix Design

Value Stream Design - Shared Processes

Questions and online training to optimize shared resources in your value stream.

With training for how to handle several types of shared processes in both production and service environments.

Value Stream Mapping - Shared Processes

Value Stream Mapping Team and Event Planning

Team Charter

Your team leaders can choose from several excellent choices for a Team Charter template — selecting the best way to communicate what is expected from this team.

Team Charter template

Value Stream Team Roles

Define Performance Evaluation Criteria and Ideal Profile for each team role

Rather than starting with a blank page...
why not start with the best thinking of other industry leaders — and then use familiar Microsoft Word to personalize for your team.

Team Roles

Value Stream Plan

To manage clearly-defined objectives, goals, measures, responsibilities, and deadlines.

The ideal way to hold people accountable for results to actually accomplish the strategic challenges that your team chose as a result of doing value stream mapping

Value Stream Event Planning templates

To plan your Value Stream Mapping Events, use the same familiar suite of templates that you use to launch and manage any type of Process Improvement Team.

If you don't yet own your licensed Sytems2win templates, you can even download a dozen event planning templates.

In addition to the dozen trial templates that have a 60-trial period,

you also get another dozen free templates — with no expiration.

You can use your new lean management templates for the rest of your career

as our free gift to you.


Value Stream Event Checklist

Download a dozen free
Event Planning templates

Hoshin Planning X Matrix

To develop & implement strategic plans and unique competitive advantages benefiting from input & ownership from all levels of the organization in a way that greatly accelerates organizational learning and leadership development.


Learn Value Stream Mapping

Self-paced Learning Quiz

We don't want to oversell self-paced learning, because nothing can replace the value of having an experienced (internal or external) consultant to get your team off to a great start — especially if no one on your entire value stream team has ever done value stream mapping before.

But once your team gets established...

whenever a new member joins your team, are you really going to bring back that consultant for another few weeks of training?

"Bring it back green"

That's when you will truly appreciate the value of your Systems2win self-paced learning quiz.

Whenever a new member joins your value stream team, you email them the 2LearnVSM.xls template with the instructions to "bring it back green".

The self-paced learning quiz contains questions about value stream mapping, and has links to online training & videos where the learner can find the answers.

Then when they "bring it back green"...

with one glance, you can have confidence that you now have a more valuable team member

and you didn't spend your valuable time training them.

Learn Value Stream Mapping

When you own this suite of value stream mapping software,

you also own a suite of Lean tools
to drill deeper to better understand the problems revealed by your value stream map,

and a full suite of Lean Leadership tools
to systematically coach your people to actually solve them





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When to do Value Stream Mapping

in a Typical Lean Journey for Lean Transformation

  • Phase 0) Firefighting
  • Phase 1) Prepare Your Leadership
  • Phase 2) Design Value Streams to Flow
  • Phase 3) Analyze, Stabilize, Visualize, and Standardize each process
  • Phase 4) Continuously Improve
yellow brick road

Road map for a typical
Lean Transformation