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Supply Chain Mapping

Supply Chain Management software. Supply Chain software. Supply Chain Mapping software.

How is supply chain mapping software different?

Anyone that has ever attempted to make a supply chain map knows...

the math is different

The symbols in supply chain software look similar to regular value stream mapping software

(which is used for mapping a value stream that is contained within the four walls of your own organization)

but the math is different.


Some of the math is similar

For example — takt time, cycle time, lead time, pitch, distance between...

If any of these terms are unfamiliar, you can refer to the on-line Lean Glossary and on-line training for Value Stream Analysis

And there is optional math

  • Is processing time important?
  • Is attention to value add time non-value-add itself?
  • Effective Cycle Time? Distance Within?

And there is new math

Demand Screen, Quality Screen, Demand Amplification...

Supply chain math done right

With your Systems2win supply chain mapping tool, all of this similar, optional, and new math has been been (correctly) done for you.

Supply Chain software

value stream mapping

Supply Chain Map Example

Supply Chain Mapping template

Sample Supply Chain Mapping Example

Supply Chain Mapping is now in the VSM Template

As of version 13, the stand-alone Supply Chain Map template was discontinued, and all supply chain mapping charts and functions were merged into the standard Value Stream Mapping template.

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Charts as Supply Chain Management Tools

When you read the book that introduced supply chain value stream mapping,

(Seeing the Whole Value Stream, by Dan Jones and Jim Womack)

you will notice that the most difficult new concepts (to both understand and program) are the charts that are especially useful for supply chain value stream mapping.

If you try to use entry-level value stream mapping software that does little or no math...

then you experience the pleasure of attempting to program these charts yourself.

When you use your Systems2win Supply Chain Value Stream Map...

the charts are pre-programmed and ready to use for Demand Screen, Quality Screen, Demand Amplification Screen, and more.

And because you are working in Excel, you can use everything that you already know about Excel to extend what Systems2win has started by easily adding your own formulas and charts.

Supply Chain Mapping Charts

In addition to all of the standard charts for value stream analysis,
you can also optionally unhide 3 additional charts for supply chain management

Quality Screen

Quality Screen is a measure of defects WITHIN each of the processes in the supply chain.

(Often measured in Parts Per Million,
but you can optionally use a different unit of measure)

In addition to the chart... in the 'Chart Data' section, next to the 'Quality Screen' header, you will find the bottom-line 'Quality Screen' number:

Quality Screen = ppm defects farthest from customer divided by ppm defects nearest to customer (rounded to nearest whole number)

In the sample data, this number is 400, which was calculated as: 2000 ppm for Delta Supplier / 5 ppm for Alpha Supplier

Supply Chain Map data

Delivery Screen

Delivery Screen is a measure of defects BETWEEN each of the processes in the supply chain.

(Usually measured as a percent of units shipped that are found to be defective upon receipt)

In addition to the chart... in the 'Chart Data' section, next to the 'Delivery Screen' header, you will find the bottom-line 'Delivery Screen' number:

Delivery Screen = % defective shipments farthest from customer divided by % defective shipments nearest to customer
(rounded to nearest whole number)

In the sample data, this number is 5, which was calculated as: 10% for Raw to Delta / 2% for Alpha to Alpha Distribution Center

Demand Amplification Screen

The variability of order size increases as orders move up the supply chain (farther away from the customer), because each system recalculates its schedule based on its own (inherently inaccurate) forecasts based on incomplete and stale information from its downstream customers.

For full training on this concept, refer to the book Seeing the Whole Value Stream, by Dan Jones & Jim Womack — near the end of Part II.

Are you a supply chain captain?

After getting their own Lean act together, so many of our customers have told us that their suppliers became their weak link.

Why not stop complaining about "forces beyond your control" and start playing a leadership role to coordinate the efforts of your entire supply chain?

This template is not for beginners because supply chain management is not for beginners.

The assuring thing to know is that you can start with the easy tools in your Systems2win toolkit and you can rest assured that you are mastering a toolset that you will never outgrow.

Supply Chain software in multiple languages

Probably more than any of your other 150+ Systems2win templates for continuous improvement, the Supply Chain template is most likely to benefit from language translations.

Click a button, and now the same template is in Chinese, now Portuguese, now French, now German, now Spanish...

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