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Video: Units of Measure

for Value Stream Mapping and Functional Flowchart


How to use the special features for Units of Measure in your Systems2win templates

How to translate video Closed Captions


Units of Measure

Topics in this Video

Changes since this video was made

Version 13 and higher...

Systems2win menu > vsm menu

Macros are now activated using the Systems2win menu (rather than buttons within the workbook, as shown in the video)

Default Units of Measure and Values are always in pink double-border cells

(This is now consistent in all Systems2win templates)

Process Units of Measure can now be specified in both plural and singular form

vsm defaults

Default UOM for the entire value stream (in pink cells)

UOM override

Demand UOM can be overridden for each process, using the 2 cells just to the right of each process, to define both the singular and plural forms of each UOM.