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5S and Lean Assessment templates

Whats New?

Major upgrade for 5S and Lean Assessment templates

The Lean Assessment template is now almost identical to the 5S Assessment template - thereby leveraging your learning curve. Once you learn one, you've learned them both.

The primary difference is the scope of the questions. 5S focuses on cleaning and workplace organization; while Lean Assessment addresses the much broader scope of your entire Lean Journey.


The 5S template now automatically scales the radar chart and thermometer charts to either 5S or 6S - by simply hiding or unhiding the Safety category on the source worksheet.


More impressively, the Lean Assessment scorecard automatically scales to anywhere between 5 and 12 categories.

Both templates are now wired for FULL language translation - including the long lists of evaluation criteria - and the training unique to these templates.

Even if you own the English-only version -
this translation wiring allows you to easily substitute your own audit criteria - in a way that is automatically found and transferred to your new templates each time that you upgrade! So THIS becomes your starting point to create your own very personalized templates - without getting stuck back in 2011 just because you made a few personalizations.

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Both of these templates are now included in our free trials.

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Why not own them now, and start taking your lean assessments to a whole new level?


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New Training Video


Assessment Templates video


This new 7 minute training video demonstrates how to use the new 5S and Lean Assessment templates.

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