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Leader Standard Work

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Leader Standard Work

One of the 3 essential components of any Lean Management System, this new Excel template takes Leader Standard Work to a whole new level.

Leader Stanard Work

Step 1) Each leader personalizes their own Leader Standard Work template for their own unique responsibilities - using all of the power and familiarity of Excel.

Step 2) Click the button to Generate a Working Document that:

  1. Can be used with ANY version of Excel (including phones and pads)
  2. Has the correct number of sheets for the Days, Weeks, and Months in YOUR reporting cycle.
  3. Can be in any language. (e.g. the same consistent template can be used in your worldwide operations in Brazil, Mexico, China, etc.)
  4. Has easy-to-use pre-programming for red/yellow coloring for missed tasks.
  5. Has all of the familiarity consistent to all 150+ Systems2win templates for process improvement.

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Joe Dager

Joe Dager
joins Systems2win

Joe Dager has joined with Systems2win to assist us in our sales and marketing efforts.

He has owned and operated companies involved in retail, manufacturing and professional services that include several turnarounds and growth companies.  Joe started as a welder at a company that he later became president of and has implemented Lean in several companies.

Joe is presently the president of Business901, a firm specializing in bringing the continuous improvement process to the sales and marketing arena.

He is author of the Marketing with Lean Series of books with his latest title The Lean Engagement Team scheduled for a January, 2012 release. If you would like to learn more about the use of Lean Marketing, please join the Lean Marketing Lab community on the Business901 site.

Joe Dager: 612-787-2946

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