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for FMEA

Joe Adams, of the consulting firm called Strategic Quality, provided a terrific amount of guidance in the development and testing of these new FMEA templates, along with their sample data and online training and videos.

You can hire Strategic Quality to provide expert guidance and personal hand-holding to help your team get off to a fast and productive start with your new Systems2win suite of FMEA templates.

You can have confidence that he will be intimately familiar with the templates he helped to design and create, and you can have confidence that he knows as much as anyone about FMEAs, because Joe has consulted extensively with industry leading firms such as Caterpillar, General Motors, and Ford Motor Company to help them design their FMEAs and train their people to use best practices to develop QFDs, DFMEAs, and PFMEAs.



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Whats New?

8 new templates
for FMEA

Systems2win has recently release 8 new templates for FMEA Failure Mode Effects Analysis,

the Lean Six Sigma approach to reduce risk.

FMEA template

The FMEA template itself has received a HUGE upgrade - including:

  • Multi-language data
  • Class Codes (a better rating system than RPN)
  • Automatic formatting of borders and whited out repeat data - so that the printed version looks right to the human eye - and yet Excel has the repeat data it needs for Filters and Pivot Tables
Control Plan

The Control Plan template has improved field headers, improved column labels, improved language translation, improved dropdown data validation lists, and improved training for how the Control Plan relates to the PFMEA.

Interface Matrix

The Interface Matrix is a new template to indentify and clarify interfaces between environment, systems, sub-systems, and components that are beneficial or detrimental to functionality.

It also suggests P-Diagram input, outputs, and noise factors.


Prior to creating an FMEA - use the parameter diagram to analyze Inputs and Outputs and Noise Factors and Control Factors that can affect performance of desired Ideal Functions, and mimimize Error States.

Process Flow Diagram

Prior to creating a PFMEA -
use the Process Flow Diagram to identify Sources of Variation, and desired Deliverables (ideal Functions) for each Process Step.

Characteristic Matrix

When creating a PFMEA - use the Characteristic Matrix to identify process steps that can compromise characteristics of the product or service that are noticeable and important to the customer.

Function Requirements

Use the Function Requirements Worksheet to identify and clarify Functions and corresponding Requirements prior to completing the Function and Requirements columns of the FMEA form

DVP&R template

DVP&R for formalized testing of product or service to ensure compliance with all requirements.

QFD template

And if you are using QFD (or even just a Cause & Effects Matrix) to scientifically answer the question "what do our customers want from us?"...

then, of course, you know that your FMEAs are tightly correlated with the QFD, and all of its associated supporting templates, such as Voice of the Customer, and Kano Analysis...

and now all of these templates, (and more),
are included within the Systems2win Six Sigma bundle of templates - for one surprisingly low price.


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