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Lean Flow


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Benefits of Lean Flow

  1. Improves safety
  2. Improves quality
  3. Improves speed of delivery
  4. Improves cash flow
  5. Improves productivity
  6. Improves clarity
  7. Improves morale

and perhaps most importantly,

flow enables pull,

so you can produce and deliver
only what your customer actually wants
exactly when she wants it.


Types of Production Environments that
Embrace Lean Flow

If you're in service, healthcare, or government, there is only one type of environment that embraces flow.

If you're in manufacturing, there are 3.

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Tools and Methods
for Lean Flow

Heijunka Box, Pitch Board, Late Load Log, FIFO Lane, Lean Pull Priority Queue, Card Rack Scheduling Board, Floating Pitch Board, Visual Control Board...

Which are the right flow scheduling tools
for YOUR processes?


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Have You Seen?

Lean Manufacturing Simulation Game

This fun simulation game compares scheduling methods:

   * MRP (Material Requirements Planning)

   * KBLM (Kaizen Based Lean Manufacturing)

People learn better when they actually do something (rather than just read or hear about it).

Lean Simulation Game

As participants build 20 Lego towers, the objective of this action-based learning experience is to demonstrate the benefits of lean flow methods, with lots of hands-on learning, and outside-the-box thinking questions.

Systems2win does not resell this Lean Simulation Game. You can purchase it from Business Basics, LLC, which is owned by Bill Gaw, who is also the facilitator for the LinkedIn Lean Manufacturing Forum.

When I participated in this simulation hosted by Bill, there was lots of laughter and questions, and you could just see the lights clicking on as each participant arrived at their own "aha" moments.

~ Dean

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