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A Typical Lean Journey

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German and Arabic Translations

Value Stream Map in German

If your Continuous Improvement or Operational Excellence team needs to support a global organization,

then your Systems2win templates continue to make your job easier

to support your far-flung teams
with simple yet powerful systems
for version control

(Jack's not using one version of the template while Jill is still using another)

even for your team members that speak languages other than English

In addition to Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, and French...

your Systems2win templates are now also available in German and Arabic.

Simply click a button, and the same Excel template is now in one language, and now in another.

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Roadmap for a
Typical Lean Journey

For years, we resisted our customer's requests to provide a suggested roadmap for a typical lean journey, because we didn't want to suggest anything that might conflict with the diverse recommendations of the diverse practitioners and consultants that use these same tools in diverse ways.

And yet, the truth is that most situations aren't nearly as unique as they initially appear.


Yellow Brick Road

Over the holidays, we published our suggested
Roadmap for a Typical Lean Journey, with the unique twist of providing links to web pages that have extensive training for each of the 100+ tools and methods that you might find useful at each turn of the road on YOUR lean journey.

In the few weeks since we originally published this series of web pages, our customers have already let us know how much they appreciate these suggested steps, tools, and methods that provide a pretty valuable roadmap for MOST lean journeys.

Just keep in mind that there are many routes to the top of any mountain, and any seasoned lean sensei might adjust some details of the tools, methods, or sequence — based upon the unique conditions and objectives of each unique situation.

With that introduction...

we hope that you find these training pages to be a useful and helpful guide for YOUR lean journey.


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Cycle Time Observations template     PDCA Coach Coaching

If you already own your Systems2win templates, then be sure to start using all of your Excel templates to make your Implementation and Coaching Kata more teachable and repeatable.

You will find your Kata Coaching tools in the Lean Management section of your Systems2win Portal.


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January 2015 issue