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How to Select the Right Tool
to improve your next process

Whats New?

Tool Selection Matrix

The Tool Selection Matrix now allows you to use Excel's Filter capabilities based on dozens of filtering criteria — to quickly narrow your search down to the few tools and methods that are likely to be the most useful for whatever it is that you need to do next — wherever you are now on your lean journey.

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Are you looking for better ways

to define strategic direction? to analyze a process? stabilize it? visualize it? standardize it?

What phase of the PDCA cycle are you in?

Is this an office process? service? production? medical?

You and your team members are likely to greatly expand your awareness of (and competence using) many different time-tested approaches to root cause analysis, problem solving, and decision making.

Each time you turn a new corner

Tool Selection Matrix

on your lean journey, rather than reaching for one of the few old tired tools that you use for everything, get in the habit to open your Tool Selection Matrix... to...

Expand your knowledge, skills

and process improvement competence to gain new-found comfort as you explore ever-new frontiers and possibilities.


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