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The End of Macros

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Whats New?

No more need to enable macros

On the 4th of July, we released version 13,

and the centerpiece of that new version
is that users will no longer need to enable macros when opening a workbook.

All macro buttons have been replaced by menu items that appear in your Systems2win menu when needed.

Apply Chart Labels

Not only does this remove another small stumbling block from the learning curve for new users...

it is also simply more convenient,
even for experienced users.

For example there is no need to re-locate the 'Hide / Show Rows' button on the Value Stream Map after you expand or collapse rows, because the new menu item is always easily found in the Ribbon menu.

(see image at the top of this page)

Other benefits

  • It is impossible to accidentally strip your workbook of macros
  • You can delete the Sample or Help sheets (although we still strongly recommend keeping them available for the benefit of your users)
  • You always know where to find buttons for special functions that greatly extend the usefulness of your professionally developed and supported Excel templates for process improvement


Eliminating workbook macros is one more small step in our never-ending quest to maintain that ideal balance between powerful functionality and simple ease of use

as we continue our mission...
to continuously improve your tools for continuous improvement



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