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Easier Data Collection for OEE

Overall Equipment Effectiveness continues to gain popularity as a powerful way to identify where to focus attention for process improvements,

and to evaluate the success of attempted counter-measures.


Your Systems2win OEE template enables you to use all of the powerful filtering and charting features of Excel to quickly and easily analyze the Availability, Quality, and Performance of your bottleneck equipment — to spotlight and eliminate the Six Big Losses.

And... it empowers you with an ingenious system to automatically collect and analyze data from multiple sources, with the click of a button.

Manual Data Collection

At the request of one of our customers,
we recently released a new template

designed to be printed and filled in with a pencil or pen, and the data later keyed into your OEE template.

OEE data collection form

The OEE template already had all the 'hard stuff' that would cost you a fortune to pay your internal Black Belts to try to recreate.

This new template is a drop-dead simple Word form. But what our customers have found is that even the time that it takes to create an extremely simple form like this is still non-value-add time for your internal people, and the end result is often far inferior to the consistently professional, standardized forms developed, supported, and continuously improved by Systems2win.

Do you have an idea?

Every day we are listening, and responding to your ideas and your requests for what might make your process improvement tools and systems better and easier.

If you have been pondering an idea for how to improve any one of your 150+ Systems2win templates, please use our Feedback Form to bring your idea to our attention.


Why re-invent?

Why re-invent?


New User Training

New User Training

Whenever you need to train a new team member how to use those features that are common to most of your 150+ Systems2win templates...

Each user has 2 choices:

1) Self-paced learning exercises

2) Attend a free live webinar


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New User Training



Free Live Webinars

Introduction to Systems2win templates

May 25, 10am Central Time

Learn how to get off to a quick start
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New User Training

May 18, 9am Central Time

In depth training, and hands-on learning exercises for (licensed) new users


All times are Central Time from Nashville Tennessee, (which is the same as Chicago)

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Join a Free Webinar

Join a free live webinar


Or perhaps schedule private training
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