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Lean Leadership is not an Option

Whats New?

Lean Management templates

Because lean leadership is so important to the success of every program for Continuous Improvement...

we have changed our packaging so that
all of the Lean Management templates now come with ANY of the other bundles of templates for:

  • Value Stream Mapping
  • Lean Process Improvement
  • Six Sigma Quality Improvement

Kata Coaching

Probably the fastest growing trend in lean management is Mike Rother's Kata Coaching approach to PDCA cycles...

and your Systems2win templates have an entire suite of templates to support this popular approach.

PDCA Coaching templates

A3 Problem Solving

The most popular approach to lean management remains the A3 Management approach...

and in addition to the A3 Report (that was a free gift when you downloaded your trials), your Systems2win templates also have additional tools to take your A3 management systems to the next level.

A3 Interview

Kaizen Events

If you have the luxury of being able to lock your entire team in a room for several days to focus exclusively on solving one mission-critical challenge...

then no other lean management approach yields more impressive results than a Kaizen Event.

Kaizen Event Audit

Expand your leadership skills

Master all of these Lean Management Systems
(and more)

using consistent, standardized tools
with consistent, standardized training,
and consistent standardized systems

that you can easily replicate throughout your entire organization.


And if your organization is global...

then your wide-spread leaders can even click a button to switch between languages

so that your leaders can focus
on leading and managing...

rather than inventing (and re-inventing)
more and more (duplicated) tools.



Why re-invent?

Why re-invent?


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May 2016 issue