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Yamazumi Work Load Balancing

Major Upgrade


The Yamazumi Workload Balance Chart is very easy to use, and is one of the most popular lean tools:

  1. to eliminate waste
  2. to improve process flow
  3. to balance work loads between workers or teams

If you haven't yet used your Yamazumi template,

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Popular Features

  1. Visually depict process steps
  2. Easily rearrange tasks
  3. Value Add Analysis

Major Upgrade

User-defined Categories

for whatever analysis might be helpful for your unique industry or process.

Chart Labels

At any time, you can refresh your chart labels to show (or not show):

  • Row number (to quickly go to the source data for editing)
  • Work Element Description
  • Category or Value Add code
  • Time (for each work element)

The bottom chart axis labels also show the total time per Operator (or team).

Chart Colors

At any time, you can switch between chart colors based on:

  • Value Add Code
  • Category Code

And your leaders can easily personalize your own preferred chart colors.

Product Mix

What if you have a process that makes more than one thing?

Unhide the Product Mix columns.

Unlimited Work Elements

In addition to the unlimited Operators or Teams (which have always been supported)...

your Yamazumi Chart can now support unlimited Work Elements.

But Excel charts can only support 255 series...
so how did we do that?


If you have over 255 Work Elements (or even if you don't), you can use the new Zoom feature, to choose up to 6 operators to highlight, and then use 'Show All' to either:

  1. Zoom in to show only your selected operators on your chart, or...
  2. Show all operators on a single chart, but with stack details (and colors) for only your chosen operators

Deeper Standard Work Analysis

It is now easier to copy data from your Standard Work template, which you can use to perform much deeper standard work analysis to answer questions that a Yamazumi chart was never intended to answer.

Questions like:

  1. How much does it cost?
  2. How many can we make?
  3. How do setups affect capacity?

And with a click of a button,
your Standard Work template auto-generates a Standard Work Combination Chart,

which is very similar to a horizontal Yamazumi chart,

so you might find that you don't need to export your data after all.

Standard Work Chart



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September, 2016 issue