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Prioritizing Projects and Tasks

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Project Prioritization

What should we work on next?

Are there any lean six sigma tools or methods that make it easier to analyze, prioritize, and choose between potential projects?

Project Prioritization Matrix

We started to develop a new tool for project prioritization, and then realized that there were already several existing tools that were ideal for the job.

So rather than inventing a new tool, we made a few minor improvements to some existing tools,

and then published a new training page for how to do Project Prioritization.

Decision Matrix

Prioritization Matrix


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Project Prioritization


By far the most popular approach is to assess the potential Impact and Effort of each proposed project.

In other words...

  1. In what ways and to what extent do we anticipate that this project will advance our desired Strategic Goals and Objectives?
  2. How much time, cost, and effort do we think this might require?

And then there are a few additional things to factor into good decision making... like:

  • Leadership enthusiasm
  • Team availability
  • Process stability
  • and a few more important factors

Big Decisions

By far the most thorough approach is to use your Prioritization Matrix template.

You might only use this tool once in your entire career, but you would use it to facilitate the single most important decision making team that you ever lead.


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Why re-invent?



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