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8D Problem Solving

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8D Report

8D template

The 8D form provides a systematic way for a team to resolve an issue that has uncertain root causes.

And it does this in a way that ensures that root causes have been identified and verified, and that both interim and permanent corrective actions are validated for effectiveness and instituted in a way that prevents a similar situation from ever recurring or escaping again.

Supplier Corrective Action

The 8 D methodology is appropriate in situations where the root cause is uncertain.

Corrective ActionYou are better off using a simple Supplier Corrective Action Request or other problem solving techniques if concerns center primarily on decision-making or problem prevention.


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Language Translation

The big project for 2011 will be to add Language Translation Tables to many Systems2win templates.

For many years, we have been adding features for language translation, and now we have committed to several of our large multi-national customers to add the final missing component - Language Translation Tables.

This is a big project that will require careful design and testing - especially to ensure compatibility with our new mass personalization features (that automatically transfer YOUR personalizations to your new templates each time you upgrade).

If language translation is important to your Continuous Improvement efforts, and you are willing and able to devote 10 or more hours to brainstorming sessions and testing in early 2011, then please send us an email requesting to serve on the Multi-Language Beta Team that is now forming.

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