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Multi-Language Excel templates

Whats New?

Multi-Language Excel templates

After 6 months of intensive development -
the multi-language Excel templates are finally here!

Now with a simple click of a button, every Systems2win Excel template can switch between English and another language.

The first language is Spanish
(released June 28th).

You can also place your order now for Portuguese and Chinese - which will be released in August.

Once the "wiring" is in place - translation to any language is relatively easy. Contact us to inquire about translation to any language.

The "wiring" is being done in 2 phases:

  1. All row & column headers - plus training that is common to most or all Systems2win templates
    (this wiring has been completed)
  2. Long lists - (such as 5S and Lean Assessment checklists) - and training that is unique to each specific template.
    (this wiring is being done now)

For the first time in history -
ALL of your people all over the world can use one standard set of templates - to make it so much easier to standardize your work.

Learn more about Multi-Language Features.


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Whenever you upgrade - you now have the option to add one or more language translations.
Learn more.

Existing customers get all of the latest templates each time that you upgrade.

Although most customers choose to renew annual maintenance once a year - you have the option to upgrade your templates at any time.



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Free Webinars

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held almost every Wednesday

Join a Free Webinar

As a thank you gift for attending a webinar,
you will receive one more trial template
(that doesn't come with the regular trial templates).

The Value Stream Mapping Power Tool
has most popular lean calculations pre-programmed,
and is the only trial template that allows you to switch between languages.

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English users also benefit from multi-language training

Even our English-speaking users will benefit from the new multi-language training in many ways:

  1. All training is being re-written for simpler understanding (sixth grade level, rather than college level)
  2. Training is less wordy
  3. There are more pictures and symbols (rather than just words)

Upgrades are also easier because of the new multi-language features.

Learn more about the Systems2win Personalization Upgrade Utility.

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Test Drive over a dozen trial templates

If your trial period has expired, you can either purchase a license, or request a trial period extension.

Licensed customers can download the latest trial templates any time.

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Test Drive all 150+ templates

Please keep in mind that the dozen trial templates are among the most sophisticated tools we've got. Most of the other 140 templates are a lot easier.

You can test drive the full licensed version of any or all 150+ templates with a 30-day guarantee.

Try a multi-language template

All of the standard trial templates are English only.

When you attend a free webinar, however, we will give you one extra free trial template - that is wired for multi-language translation.

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