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Safety Icons


New Ease of Use Features

Every Systems2win Excel template recently received a face lift - with several features to make your templates even more intuitive to use.

  • Quick Start instructions have been abbreviated.
  • The poka yoke mistake proofing page has been removed.
  • Every template now includes a sample and instructions for how to create your own User Substitutions.

Human Readable bookmarks

The entire Systems2win web site has now been updated with human readable bookmarks - to make it easy for your own team leaders and IT staff to provide your users with a link to go to a specific place within any Systems2win web page.

Free online training
for Excel 2010

All of Systems2win's online Excel training now makes it even easier to quickly see the differences between instructions for how to do something in Excel 2007 and higher - if different from Excel 2003 and lower.



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Whats New

Safety Icons


Studies have proven that our brains read and interpret the meaning of pictures and symbols much more quickly and accurately than words.

This is especially true when instructions are being communicated to people that speak different languages.

When you select your Systems2win menu > Copy Shapes, there are now many more standard shapes icons always instantly available to insert into ANY Excel document (not just a Systems2win template) - to make it easy for your your people to give your company's documents a consistent and professional look and feel.

The standard Systems2win safety and haz mat icons are ideally sized for formatted for the Standard Work and Job Instructions templates, which now have new features to better utilize visual icons.

And you have the ability to add your own custom shapes for safety, tools, equipment, hazardous materials, supplies, and anything else unique to your industry that is better communicated using symbols rather than words.

Learn more:


The price for Language Translations has been reduced.

It now costs only $1000 per language for customers that own a license for unlimited users for a company, division, or location with annual revenues under US$100 million.


Languages available for immediate delivery include:

  1. Spanish
  2. Portuguese
  3. Chinese (simplified)

We are actively seeking large customers to sponsor initial translation of the following languages:

  1. Japanese
  2. French
  3. Dutch

To sponsor translation of a new language costs only $6,000.

If your company would like to learn more about the possibility of sponsoring translation into one of the above languages (or any other language), please contact us.

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