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Control Charts

Whats New?

Control Chart template

For a long time, we have stated that "our Six Sigma templates have nothing to do with statistics" -
focusing instead on developing and supporting outstanding templates for FMEA, QFD, and OEE.
(things that Minitab does poorly)

But many of our customers that own a
(very affordable) unlimited user license for their Systems2win templateS have pointed out that they don't own unlimited seats for Minitab - and many of their greenbelts could make good use of the single most popular type of statistical tool -
control charts.

Control Chart template

Or more specifically - the most common and simple types of control charts - c charts, p charts, and u charts.

So we created a single Excel template that supports each of these types of control chart.

Not content with just another "me too" offering, this template offers several unique features that make it both more powerful and easier to use than others:

  1. Rolling periods. It is extremely easy to continue to enter or import unlimited data while your chart displays only the most recent data for your specified Number of Rolling Periods.
  2. The Copy Chart button copies a picture of the chart to the clipboard, where you can then easily copy it to ANY other type of document (PowerPoint, Word, etc.)
  3. Flat or wavy lines. YOU define the threshold for your chart to display flat control lines, or wave ones to show how control limits change as sample size varies.
  4. The Update Chart button lets you know when something has changed that requires the chart to be updated - and then handles all kinds of complex things with the simple click of a button.
  5. It has all of the standard features common to every Systems2win template - thereby leveraging your learning curve of both Excel and over 150 similar templates for continuous process improvement.

This Control Chart template is now available as a trial template.

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Whats New?

Lean Assessment template

Lean and 5S Assessment templates

The 5S Assessment template can now easily scale to 5S or 6S.

The Lean Assessment template still scales from 5 to 12 user-defined categories to measure progress of YOUR Lean Journey.

5S Assessment template

Both templates still allow unlimited user-defined assessment criteria - in a way that your YOUR assessment criteria are automatically found and transferred to the new version each time you upgrade your templates.

You can still click a button to switch between multiple sets of assessment criteria - (for example: manufacturing 5S vs office 5S vs warehouse 5S...) - all in a single template.

New feature = For each row of each assessment criterion, each evaluator can now clarify what they are looking for - for each of the 5 assessment levels. In other words - in the hospital Operating Room... THIS is what we mean by "clean", and in the supply room, THIS is what we mean by "clean".

The 5S Assessment template has been a free trial for a long time now. By popular demand, the Lean Assessment template is now also available as a free trial.

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