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Tree Diagrams and Matrix Templates

Whats New?

Tree Diagrams

A tree diagram starts with a single item that branches (like a tree) into multiple items.

Use it to systematically direct your thinking to increasing levels of specific details.

Systems2win recently upgraded all of our tree diagram templates to support Excel 2013.

Critical To Quality Tree

The Critical To Quality Tree Diagram and Measurement Assessment Tree have been popular templates for years.

Org Chart

The Organization Chart is used to define organizational relationships - both formal and informal. Like Tree Diagrams, it too uses the Excel Hierarchy Diagram for its foundational structure.

Tree Diagram template

In addition to these long-time favorites, Systems2win recently also released a generic Tree Diagram template that can be used as the starting point for all kinds of additional lean sigma process improvement tools - such as:

  • Why-Why Diagram
  • How-How Diagram
  • Decision Tree Logic Diagram
  • Process Decision Program Chart
  • Bill of Materials Gozinto Chart
  • Dendogram
  • Breakdown Tree


See our new training video to learn how to use any template that uses an Excel Hierarchy diagram.

Learn more about Tree Diagrams


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Matrix Templates

A matrix diagram is a very versatile lean sigma tool to visually depict relationships between 2, 3, or 4 groups of information.

Training Matrix

Your Systems2win templates come with many special types of matrix templates, including the Training & Skills Matrix, TPM Preventive Maintenance Checklist, Decision PICK Matrix, FMEA, Control Plan, QFD, and many more.

The matrix template and the checklist template are the most popular types of template to create from scratch for a wide variety of creative purposes, so we recently published free online training for how to start with the Systems2win Blank template to create your own matrix templates ANY user-defined L-Shaped, T-shaped, or X-shaped matrix to visually depict relationships between 2, 3, or 4 groups of information.


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