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PDCA Coaching template

Your Thoughts

Survey Results

In last month's newsletter, we asked:

What types of continuous improvement projects are at the top of YOUR list for 2014?

What types of tools and methods do you believe might help you most?

What templates and online training would YOU like to see us develop next?

The survey results are...


We expected to receive a long "wish list" of new templates that various professionals in various industries would find useful, and we did receive quite a few suggestions for potential new tools.

But the most common response we got was:

"Your tools are already best of class.
What we need help with is to motivate
our people to use them more."

We are listening

This month's featured new template is the PDCA Coaching template - which is the first template that we have released that is specifically designed to coach the coach for how to coach.

There will be more.

We will also be adding Coaching Tips for many or all of the other 150+ templates - to provide guidance for how to lead others to continuously improve their own processes.

We agree that these Coaching Tips should provide a very useful supplement to our existing training for "how to use each tool" yourself.

And in next month's newsletter, we will be ready to reveal the other major innovation that should also increase your people's motivation to use their tools more.

Thank you for your feedback

Because the feedback we received was so valuable, we are going to keep that same survey open for another month.

Please take a moment
to complete our

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Whats New?

PDCA template

The PDCA Coaching template provides a systematic approach to problem solving.

In a series of rapid PDCA Cycles, the Learner quickly conducts a scientific experiment to better understand and improve one aspect of a process, and then analyzes the results, then prepares a suggested next experiment.

PDCA Coaching template

At that point in the cycle, the Learner then uses the PDCA template to prepare for a quick meeting with his or her Coach to answer 10 PDCA Coaching Questions.

Then the cycle is repeated - until the process has been improved to meet the next Target Condition required of your process to meet the higher-level Strategic Challenge to propel your collective organization closer to your Lean Ideals.

Strategic Targets

The PDCA Coaching template is designed to be used whenever you encounter unknown territory.

(If you are not navigating unknown territory, then you should use your Tool Selection Matrix to find lean tools and methods for your current challenge)

Block Diagram

Block DiagramThe PDCA Coaching template was inspired by Mike Rother's book, the Toyota Kata, and so was this next new template, the Block Diagram, which provides a very simple sketch of a process.

Sometimes, especially in the very first early stages of process analysis, the traditional process mapping tools (e.g. value stream mapping, spaghetti diagrams, swim lane flowcharts, or even simple flowcharts) simply have too much detail.

If all you want is to visually depict the major process steps, their sequence, the number of operators, inventory, cycle time, and perhaps
a few optional tidbits, then the Block Diagram
is drop-dead simple to use.

(And we are listening to your feedback, that you want us to provide a balance of both simple tools that your people can learn and use quickly, as well as the more sophisticated tools that they will grow to appreciate as their lean savvy matures)


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