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Toyota Kata templates

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Excel templates for the Improvement Kata

A kata is any structured way of thinking and acting that you practice until the pattern becomes a habit.

Mike Rother's book, the Toyota Kata, studies Toyota's structured ways of thinking and acting — in ways that achieve outstanding results.

Your Systems2win templates now include an entire suite of tools to make it easy to implement these popular problem-solving and lean leadership practices.

Two months ago, we highlighted the PDCA Coaching template — that systematizes the steps of Coaching Kata.

This month, we released the PDCA Coaching Observations template — to help your Coach's Coach do a better job of coach coaching.

PDCA Coaching Observations

And this month, we focus on several of the tools that make it so much easier to practice the Improvement Kata itself.

When doing Process Analysis using the
Kata approach,
you will usually
start with Cycle Time Observations.

Cycle Time Observations

And you will sketch the process using a
Block Diagram
and/or other types of flow charting.

Machine Balancing

If your process
has a potential
machine constraint,
you will perform
Machine Balancing.

And you will often
maintain a Run Chart
of the process - both before and after improvement.

Run Chart

Of course you could do all of your process improvement using only pencil and paper,
but... why?

Why not use professionally-developed tools and systems to lead your leaders...
to do things systematically, consistently, and reliably... rather than winging it with "the parts that I remember from that training we received a few months ago"?


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Inspirational Ideas

Your Visual Storyboards

Most of our customers display their printed Systems2win documents in diverse types of visual storyboards.


The most popular is probably the Team Accountability Board — a bulletin board located as close as possible to the place where the work is actually performed. The team and coach (and sometimes the coach's coach) conduct regularly-scheduled periodic stand-up meetings (usually daily) — standing in front of their Team Accountability Board that visually displays the performance results, team planning documents, and other documents that are most important for that team.

If the team happens to be currently using the PDCA scientific method to navigate unknown territory, then another popular visual team board format is the Lean Storyboard — which tells the story of what Strategic Challenge the team is working on, and how they're coming with that.

To visually display your printed team documents, you can choose from a wide variety of vinyl document holders,

magnet holder

using magnets or
velcro or other creative ways to affix your documents to any nearby surface that can serve as your team bulletin board.


See to get ideas
for YOUR team board.




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