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Red Tag Log

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New Support Rep:

Joe Shibley

Joe Shibley is one of the friendly voices you'll hear when you call for tech support or have other questions here at Systems2win.

Joe Shibley

He also fills your orders, follows up to ensure that your installation is successful, invites you to the free training webinars, develops web pages, performs development testing, and wears many other hats helping to continuously improve your tools for continuous improvement.

You can contact Joe during regular business hours (CST) at:

(615) 553-2336



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5S Red Tag Log

The purpose of a 5S Red Tag Log is to provide a systematic approach to your Sort activities.

Every employee should be trained to attach a Red Tag to any item that they suspect might be unnecessary within their work area
(when in doubt — tag it)

At any time... (this is not a one-time project)...
a supply of Red Tags should always be available in a known, easily-accessed location.

Before disposition is carried out... the Team Leader approves the suggested Action, and an entry is made into the Red Tag Log for that Work Area.

If there is ANY doubt, the item is moved into the temporary Red Tag Storage area, where it can be easily retrieved if the item proves necessary after all.

5S Red Tag Log

When items are moved from Red Tag Storage, the Red Tag Log is updated to record the ultimate disposition.

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