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New Work Instructions template

Whats New?

Work Instructions:

new template

One of our most popular templates — the Job Instructions template — has been replaced with the new Work Instructions template.

Work Instructions

Like the previous Job Instructions template...

it is still the best way to provide your workers with thorough instructions for how to correctly perform a process — using both words and pictures.

Click a button to Add an Image (that gets perfectly sized and positioned). Click a button to Renumber Steps (correctly maintaining your step number sequence even if a step has extra pictures or instructions). Click a button to Generate the finished Report (automatically re-shuffling everything so that there are usually 2 Steps per row, yet correctly handling larger images that require their own row).

You can still resize any image (by simply dragging the lower right corner), add arrows, text labels, or pictures within pictures (and grouping them).

You can still use colors, fonts, and small images to communicate more effectively.

You can still provide your users with unlimited user-defined shapes (for things like safety equipment, hazardous materials, or quality symbols).

You can still provide your users with active (clickable) hyperlinks to related documents and videos — even within the ISO 9000 or FDA controlled PDF document that you generate from your Excel master.

What's new?

Header fields. There are a lot more standard header fields — increasing the likelihood that you will be able to simply hide the header fields that you want — reducing the probability that you will even need to use Systems2win's exceptionally powerful Personalization Upgrade Utility (that automatically finds and transfers YOUR personalizations every time that you upgrade your Systems2win templates).

The header fields are also wider — so that you are more likely to have enough space for longer text.

Paper sizes. The new Work Instructions has been re-designed to make it easier to choose between Portrait or Landscape print orientation — and to use international paper sizes, or even to use a plotter to print your Work Instructions as wall paper.


Download Free Trial


The new Work Instructions template is available as a free trial. Why not download it, and try it for yourself?




Upgrade for Assessment templates

Thanks to the suggestion from one of our customers that uses the 5S template a LOT...

the 5S Assessment template and Lean Assessment template now have a new section where you can easily maintain a history of your Audit Comments.

5S trend charts

Some users will still prefer to simply refer to past Comments by thumbing through a three-ring binder of the original hand-written audit sheets themselves...

and others will very much appreciate the new Comments History section, where prior comments are seen all together at once glance — making it easier to spot (and correct) trends and recurring problems.

We have to give a shout out to our customer, IEWC Global Solutions, for this suggestion.

If you have a suggestion for how we might make your templates even better, please use our Feedback Form. We really do listen.


Feedback Form


Existing customers get all the latest templates each time you upgrade.

Although most customers choose to renew annual maintenance once a year - you have the option to upgrade your templates at any time.




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