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Voice of the Customer

Whats New?

Screen Reader for Blind and Disabled Users

We have just about completed the (very long) process of converting all Systems2win templates to support a screen reader for blind and disabled users.

If you have trouble seeing, or have trouble using a mouse, you will REALLY appreciate the new 'Objects' menu (found in your Systems2win menu in Excel) — which allows you to quickly find, read, and use all of the pictures, buttons, and other objects on the page.

(This works even for non-Systems2win Excel documents, and is so superior to any commercial screen reader that you might justify the purchase of Systems2win even if you rarely do process improvement.)

It is also the only way for disabled users to use buttons to launch macros within your Systems2win templates.

Link Icons

You can also quickly find and follow hyperlinks, including the visual Link Icons that make Systems2win templates so much more useful, and yet are not handled well by most screen readers.

Every Word document has been revised to be able to be read by a screen reader (which took quite a bit of creativity and trial-and-error problem solving).

Every image in every Excel, Word, and PowerPoint template now has Alternate Text.

All Systems2win templates and web pages have been revised to use color conventions to meet the 508 compliance standards required for use within government agencies.

We plan to apply to earn 508 certification soon after we finish transcribing all of our videos for Closed Captions — which has the added benefit of instantly translating all training videos into ANY language — which will be much appreciated by the many users of translated templates.


Even if you are currently blessed with the full use of your eyes and hands...

take a moment to consider how your team's progress might be affected if one of your team members were to (temporarily or permanently) lose some physical functionality.

Why re-invent inferior tools?

when you could so easily own professionally developed and supported Systems2win templates

And if you work in a government agency...
let your boss know... better tools are on the way !


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Why not forward this email to a colleague,

(perhaps someone who has trouble seeing or using a mouse?)

so they too can
continuously improve their tools
for continuous improvement



Voice of the Customer templates

Whether you are doing strategic policy deployment, value stream mapping, or the lean method of process improvement...

the recommended first step is always the same...

Start with a clear understanding of your customers' true needs

Even if (especially if?)
you "have already done that",
you will undoubtedly find great value in doing it again, more thoroughly this time.

Is it possible to ever know too much about your customers' true needs, and the true nature of the value that they want from what you offer?

Voice of the Customer Excel template

We recently did an upgrade to the many
Voice of the Customer templates that help you clarify, organize, and stimulate your thinking about various approaches to listening to your customers.

And we recently upgraded the Voice of the Customer training page. Check it out, and maybe get motivated to revisit that very first step of every lean journey — more thoroughly this time.



Existing customers get all the latest templates each time you upgrade.

Although most customers choose to renew annual maintenance once a year - you have the option to upgrade your templates at any time.




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