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Training Matrix template

Whats New?


The FMEA template has recently been updated for even easier and more powerful use of Excel's Filter and Pivot Table features.

And this template also benefits greatly from the new button to Insert a Sheet for things like a Pareto Chart, Histogram, or Run Chart

with charts that can instantly update
as your data changes




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Learn more about the FMEA



Value Stream Map

The Value Stream Mapping template now has improved clarity for processes within your value stream that have a Process Unit of Measure that is different from the Demand Unit of Measure for the entire value stream.

For example... if a process makes 'wheels',
then the workers in that process want to know 'How many wheels do we need to make?"

They don't want to know:

"How many go-carts worth of wheels do we need to make?"

value stream map



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Learn more about the Value Stream Map



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Why re-invent?




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May, 2017 issue