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Real-time Charts


Video: Real-time Charts

In this training video, you will learn how to use the Insert Sheet button — to insert 30 different types of process improvement sheets into any Excel workbook,

and how to optionally Link Data — to get charts that update instantly as your data changes


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Video: Real Time Charts
Instantly update as your data changes

A common problem with charts

Think of your own charts.
The ones you use all the time.

Every time that your data changes,
do you have to manually refresh your chart?

Have you ever forgotten?
and published a chart with data that was wrong?

Another common problem with charts

Are there any small tweaks that you would like to make to a chart to make it look better?

Perhaps you actually made a few changes to a chart long ago...

and then realized that you would need to make those same changes to the new chart again and again, and again, and again... every time you refreshed that chart.

So perhaps you gave up...
and decided to live with the chart "the way it is".

Charts that instantly update

Watch this video

to learn how your charts can change the instant that your data changes,

and how you can personalize your chart once, and never have to edit that chart again.


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