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Newsletter Archive

Nov 2020

Systems2win Version 17, 2020 Update

Apr 2020

Don't Return to Normal, Return to Better

Mar 2020

Work Instructions

Feb 2020

Train to Sustain

Jan 2020

Personalize and Standardize your FMEA

Dec 2019

It's Time to Stop Managing and Start Leading Lean

Oct 2019

Tools for Cross Functional Teams

Sep 2019

Swim Lane Cross Functional Flowchart (with new Makigami Analysis)

Aug 2019

Muda 8 Wastes of Lean

Jul 2019

Problem Solving at your Fingertips

Jun 2019

Excel A3 / Word A3

May 2019

FMEA Magic

Apr 2019

FMEA Innovations

Mar 2019

Pop Quiz: Value Stream Critical Path

Jan 2019

What's on your Team Board?

Nov 2018

How to Draw using Excel

Oct 2018

Untangling Spaghetti

Aug 2018

Lean Coaching

Jul 2018

'What If' Scenarios

Jun 2018

(Better) Lean Training

May 2018

Standard Work Videos

Apr 2018

Checklists for Process Improvement

Feb 2018

Process Flow - How to Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control it

Jan 2018

Leader Standard Work

Dec 2017

Tools for New Year Planning

Nov 2017

Problem Solving / Excel A3 Report / Is Is Not Analysis

Oct 2017

Real-time Charts

Sep 2017

New Videos: Leadership / Why Systems2win?

Aug 2017

New videos: Work Instructions / Lean Journey

Jul 2017

How to use Trance for Lean Thinking

Jun 2017

Measurement Selection

May 2017

Improved Training Matrix, FMEA, VSM

Apr 2017

Top 10 Lean Manufacturing Solution Provider

Mar 2017

Prioritizing Lean Six Sigma Projects and Tasks

Feb 2017

The 7 Basic Tools of Quality

Jan 2017

Root Cause Analysis

Dec 2016

SQDC Team Huddle Boards / New Insert Sheet button

Nov 2016

Calculating Takt Time and Kanbans — correctly

Oct 2016

Process Analysis and Hansei

Sep 2016

Yamazumi, and Run Charts

Aug 2016

Swim Lane Cross Functional Flowchart

Jul 2016

Estimating Standard Costs and Times - Better

Jun 2016

Lean tools and methods: Who needs to be competent with what?

May 2016

Lean Leadership is not an Option

Apr 2016

Work Instructions for Product Families / OEE Data Collection

Feb 2016

New videos

Jan 2016

Use this Values List template to plan your life

Nov 2015

Project Management Tools

Oct 2015

Free Templates

Sep 2015

Easier Process Improvement

Aug 2015

FMEA Major Upgrade

Jul 2015

Version 13: The end of workbook macros

May 2015

Work Instructions: major upgrade

Apr 2015

Tool Selection Matrix / Units of Measure

Mar 2015

Value Stream Mapping

Jan 2015

Roadmap for a Typical Lean Journey

Dec 2014

Yamazumi Chart

Nov 2014

Version 12 Upgrade

Sep 2014

Lean Flow

Aug 2014

Voice of the Customer

Jul 2014

Trend Charts

Jun 2014

Preventive Maintenance templates

May 2014

New Work Instructions template

Apr 2014

5S Red Tag Log

Mar 2014

Toyota Kata templates

Feb 2014

Dropdown Lists

Jan 2014

PDCA Coaching template

Nov 2013

Hoshin Planning X Matrix

Aug 2013

Decision Making Tools

Jul 2013

Training Session Agenda and Planning template

Jun 2013

Tree Diagrams and Matrix Templates

May 2013

Better Value Stream Mapping

Jan 2013

Standard Work and TWI Job Breakdown

Dec 2012

Control Chart template

Sep 2012

Pareto Chart

Aug 2012

More 5S templates

Jul 2012

Choosing the right type of flow chart template

Jun 2012

Team Charters and Self-Paced Learning Quizzes

May 2012

8 new templates for FMEA Failure Mode Effects Analysis for risk reduction

Mar 2012

Safety Icons

Feb 2012

ISO 9000

Dec 2011

Leader Standard Work

Nov 2011

Chinese and Portuguese languages

Sep 2011

User Substitutions

Aug 2011

5S and Lean Assessment templates

Jul 2011

Bowling Chart

Jun 2011

Multi-Language Excel templates

Mar 2011

Hoshin Planning

Jan 2011

8D Problem Solving

Nov 2010

Even easier to Personalize your Excel templates

Oct 2010

New Excel templates for 5S Workplace Organization

Sep 2010

Standard Work — major upgrade

Aug 2010

Lean Management templates

Jul 2010

Visual Controls for Heijunka Load Leveling

Jun 2010

OEE videos


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