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Substitute Phrases

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Substitute Phrases

People in the medical world don't like the term "Process Time" - because patients don't like to be processed. They prefer the term "Touch Time".

For 5S, some call the third S "Sweep". Others call it "Shine". Others prefer the original Japanese word "Seiso".

The audit criteria for an Office Kaizen might be different from the audit criteria for a shop floor event.

When communicating with people that don't speak English as their primary language, it sure would be nice to substitute a few key phrases in their native language. (whch can be done even if you own the English only version)

Those are just a few examples
of how substitute phrases can be useful.
I'm sure you can think of more examples.

This month, we modified our templates to allow our users to add unlimited columns of User Substitution phrases to any Systems2win Excel template.

This allows you to replace any phrase with your preferred phrase.

And you can even switch between multiple alternate phrases - with the click of a button. Perhaps switching between your own User-Defined Substitutions for "Office", "Production", and "Engineering" - thereby allowing you to use a single template that is nonetheless optimized for several distinct target users.

Not just templates - Systems

And all of this is done using a clearly-defined and easy-to-understand SYSTEM that even allows your personalized User Substitutions to be automatically found and transferred to your new templates each time that you upgrade -
thereby allowing you to have the best of both worlds:

1) you get to continue to take advantage of all of the innovations that Systems2win continues to add over the coming years,


2) you get the benefit of your own personalizations, automatically merged with the new improved templates each year

Why would you want to pay in-house people to invent home-made templates from scatch, when those same people can start with Systems2win templates, and then use everything they know about Excel to personalize your templates from there.

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Do you have colleagues in Brazil?

Would you like to be able to share a Value Stream Map with them?
Changing the row and column headers between English and Portuguese with the click of a button?

Every Systems2win Excel template can now switch between Spanish, English, and Portuguese with the click of a button.

Learn more about Language Translations

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