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(Better) Lean Training

Whats New?

Online Training

All 300 pages of online training on the Systems2win web site are being converted to a responsive format that gracefully scales to fit any screen size.

Check out the new page for FMEA training.


New FMEA page


sidebar menu

Better Organized

The training pages aren't just being converted by some automated utility.

Each page is being revised for improved content and clearer organization of topics.

All longer pages now have a helpful Table of Contents to give you a quick glance of what's on the page,

and the ability to quickly click to go to the section of the page that has the help you need.

Try it on your phone

View the old and new pages on your phone, tablet, and desktop computer to see how the same page looks different (but nice) on any device.

Although you will almost always be using your Systems2win Excel templates on a larger screen, there are times when you might find it useful to refer to online lean training when you're away from your desk.


Now you can.





Much of the web site upgrade is being done by our summer intern, Haley.


So far, about a quarter of the 300 pages have been converted, and our goal is to have them all done before Haley's summer internship is completed.



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June 2018 issue

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