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Checklists for Process Improvement

Here at Systems2win, so much of our attention is devoted to the more complex Excel templates that a typical user couldn't possible create or support on their own.

Tools with complex formulas, like the value stream map or swim lane flowchart. Or tools with fancy charts. Or templates that do eye-popping things when you push a button.

Sometimes it's worthwhile to focus the spotlight on some of the simpler tools, like the various types of Matrix templates, or simple checklists.

Last month, we updated the Preventive Maintenance and 5S Sustainment checklists to have dropdown lists with familiar green check marks and red X's - so that these intuitive forms will look similar no matter whether filled in online (by an office worker), or (much more commonly) filled in with a pencil by a worker carring a clipboard out in the gemba where work is performed.

Preventive Maintenance checklist

5S Sustainment checklist

And now you can use the 'Insert Sheet' button to add a thoughtfully-formatted blank Checklist sheet to any Excel workbook. (Even a non-Systems2win workbook.) And then easily personalize that checklist for any unique purpose.



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April, 2018 issue

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