Templates for Continuous Process Improvement


Excel Checklist template

Excel template to create a Work Procedure or any other type of check list

How to personalize your own checklist template

Excel Checklist Template

Before you start...


Design a rough draft of your custom checklist on paper first.

Perhaps get ideas from your many other Systems2win templates,

and if you find one that is very close to what you want,
perhaps use a copy of THAT template as the starting point for your new custom checklist.


Excel checklist templates — examples

You have many Systems2win templates to choose from

to use as idea starters to design your own custom checklist template

To Do List Excel template

Lean Assessment template

PDCA Coaching checklist

Training Session Plan

Common types of checklists

that you might create using your blank Checklist template...

Use your Tool Selection Matrix

Tool Selection Matrix

Use your Tool Selection Matrix
to find the right tool

Once you start using your Tool Selection Matrix (1ToolSelection.xlsx)

to search for all of the list templates that you already own,

you might find that there is already a template
that comes very close to what you're looking for

so maybe you won't need to invest all that non-value-add time
re-inventing an entirely new template from scratch after all...

How to personalize your checklist template

cartoon artist


Once you have outlined a rough draft of your desired checklist template on paper...

and you have decided that the Excel Checklist template
is the right starting point for your custom checklist...

Then follow the instructions for how to create your own personalized templates

with all the familiar features you've come to expect
from every one of your standard Systems2win templates.


You own many useful types of Matrix Chart templates

with your Systems2win templates
for Lean Continuous Process Improvement



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