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Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence tools for operational excellence strategy and lean operations

Operations Excellence is an alternate term for Lean Manufacturing, Lean Office, and everything 'lean'.

Your goal is to reduce or eliminate the 7 Types of Waste by applying Lean Principles.


Operational Excellence Tools

Value Stream Mapping

Our free online value stream mapping training andOperational excellence videovideos teach you how to use "the language of Lean" to depict the flow of the thing
being processed.

Value Stream Mapping
Value Stream Map

Cross Functional Flowchart

The most popular "drill down" from a value stream map is to a functional flow chart — which has a swim lane for each functional team involved with the process — showing an intuitive graphic depiction of who is doing what, when, where, and for how long.

Don't be surprised if your swim lane flow chart turns out to be the most used template in your operational excellence toolkit.

Swim Lane Functional Flow Chart
Cross Functional Flowchart
Operations Excellence

Visual Work Instructions

Improving a process has no value until the people doing the work actually do it the new way.

Visual Work Instructions are the ideal way to train people with both words and more intuitive pictures.

Work Instructions template
Work Instructions

Process Analysis

Your Process Analysis template (Analysis.xlsx) makes it easy to unhide lean metrics to drive your current growth and hide metrics that might become important in the next phase of your journey.

Process Analysis
Process Analysis

A3 Reporting

An A3 Report tells the story of a process improvement event in an easy-to-follow format on a single sheet of paper.

The real power is in the A3 Problem Solving method — which will transform the way your people think and the way your managers lead.

A3 Report
A3 Report
Operational Excellence Strategy

Policy Deployment X Matrix

also known as Hoshin Kanri, or Hoshin Planning

To develop & implement strategic plans and unique competitive advantages — benefiting from input & ownership from all levels of the organization — in a way that greatly accelerates organizational learning and leadership development.

Policy Deployment X Matrix
Hoshin Planning
X Matrix template

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