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Standard Work
and Job Instructions

Whats New?

Standard Work

Standard Work template


Over the holidays, we released a major upgrade to the Standard Work template.

For simple processes -
there is now an obvious space for
optional pictures, charts, and drawings -
so everything can be on one page.

For more complex processes -
each Work Element now has the option to easily drill down to further details in either:

Job Breakdown template
  1. multiple Job Breakdown sheets within the same workbook, or...
  2. a related Job Instructions workbook, or...
  3. Standard Operating Procedures, flowcharts, PowerPoints, training videos, or any other related documents

You now have the option to:

  1. draw the Layout Diagram directly on the same sheet with the Standard Work Instructions
    (and unlike your home made template, the rows don't resize when you add wrapped text - so your drawing won't get distorted)
  2. Layout diagramor copy a picture of the drawing -
    maintained on its own sheet
    (which is a more professional workspace. And the image of the drawing can't possible get distorted - and can be easily made larger when you need to see more details)

Video time observation is still available, but those columns are hidden by default - to make things less confusing for the vast majority using a stop watch rather than video time observation.

It's easier to hide the Operator columns - so that your Operator Load Balance Chart has the correct number of bars for your actual number of operators.

There are several new standard shapes - and the ability to easily add your own custom shapes - because pictures can often communicate more quickly and clearly than words.



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Why re-invent?

Why would you want to start with a white screen and a blinking cursor?
when you could start with these already excellent tools - and then use everything you know about Excel to personalize them from here?




Standard Work
Training Videos

There are 3 new training videos
to learn about the new improvements to the Standard Work tools.

Additional training videos

  • Standard Work video - Part One - Data Entry
  • Standard Work video - Part Two - Analysis
  • Layout Diagram
  • Training Matrix
  • Process Time & Cycle Time
  • SMED Quick Change Over
  • Leader Standard Work
  • How to Personalize
    your Systems2win templates

Watch more Standard Work videos


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