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Even easier to personalize your Excel templates

Whats New?

FMEA Control Plan

FMEAOnce you have gotten into the habit of maintaining your DFMEA (Design Failure Mode Effects Analysis) and PFMEA (Process Failure Mode Effects Analysis)...

the logical next step is the use the FMEA Control Plan template to exercise greater control over the failure modes that expose your company to the greatest risk.

Control Plan

The Control Plan is a new template for Systems2win, and makes terrific use of Excel's AutoFilter features, which are greatly enhanced by Systems2win's special features for creating drop-down lists (to speed data entry, and eliminate typos that mess up your filtered lists).

And now with the new Mass Personalization utility, each time that you upgrade your Systems2win templates, your personalized drop-down lists will be automatically transferred to your new upgraded templates.

The FMEA and Control Plan templates come with the DMAIC Six Sigma Tools bundle, which features an entire suite of useful Excel templates for one surprisingly low price.

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Your Personalizations Automatically Transferred
when you Upgrade

One of the big strengths of Systems2win templates is that they are so easy to personalize - because they are "just Excel".

And now, each time that you upgrade, Systems2win will scan your old templates looking for the most common personalizations you are likely to make - and will then automatically transfer them to your new upgraded templates!

It will automatically find & transfer personalizations like:

  • Your user-defined drop-down lists
  • Your user-defined help
  • Your user-defined shapes

See the full list at


We're keeping our promise to continuously improve your tools for continuous improvement.

All you need to do is
keep your templates upgraded

Whats New?

Standard Work Combination Sheet

Std Workcan now include a grouped collage of images - so that your work instructions can include a collage of pictures and perhaps textbox labels - so that your workers can see visual cues on the Standard Work Instructions in ways similar to how they have always had visual pictures on the Visual Work Instructions template - and the collage can even include Link Icons to related documents and/or training videos.

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November 2010 issue