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Bowling Chart

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Bowling Chart
Excel template

Bowling Chart template

Although orginally developed for Hoshin Kanri Policy Deployment, the bowling chart template is an excellent visual management tool for any type of continuous improvement project that involves time-phased objectives

Although the fields are very intutive, when you actually use the template, you quickly realize that the entire point of it is to provide intuitive red, yellow, green visual indicators.

Is your team is on the expected trajectory to "get to green" - or are you falling off track?

In other words, the value of this tool relies on the colors of those cells being correct:
Red, yellow, or green.

and most Excel users simply don't have the expertise to program the Conditional Formatting
so that each cell correctly turns red, yellow, or green.

That's what the Systems2win template does for you.

It provides intelligently designed fields for you to enter YOUR desired targets,
and YOUR thresholds for when to turn the color red, yellow, or green.

The 'Sample' worksheet has examples of correctly written Conditional Formatting statements for both:

  • Desired direction of measure is up
  • Desired direction of measure is down

You can simply copy & paste the cells from the Sample worksheet to your Template worksheet
(and then maybe change the cell formatting to fit your data - for example percent, number, or text...)

If you need to edit your own Conditional Formatting (for unusual data), the 'Help' worksheet provides concise instructions for how to do it


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Our web site is currently undergoing a major upgrade for the free online training that supports the kaizen templates and the templates for the other types of continuous improvement, such as A3, 8D, and other common problem solving tools.

Check out what's new - and keep your eye on the changes that come in the next few weeks - as we continue to simplify and improve our online training and templates in preparation for the new language translations that will be released soon.

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